Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure

Being totally absorbed by the game Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS, i did realize that there are other games for the pocket console. So i decided to try my hand at SEA MONSTERS A PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE. Personally i wish this game was fossilized, never to be played again. I would have had more fun picking up a fossil and tossing it against an Xbox.

On the package there's a comment stating "Experience the adventure of the giant screen film". I experienced something, but what that was i don't know. Maybe a sense of sadness. I wanted to like this game. I wanted to be a sea monster and swim around a prehistoric ocean. Cool concept.

I'm not a huge graphics guy. I believe in my heart that if a game is fun, graphics don't matter a whole bunch. Problem was, the graphics are crap and the fun is lacking. I played for about 20 minutes and then shut it off.

I really hated when i swam against a land mass, it seemed as though i went through the land mass and back into the water. Kind of like the game couldn't differentiate between the land and water. I know that there's a nerd term for this, which i don't know.

This game had potential. But it just bombed.

I highly advise you not to BUY this game. Don't even pick it up to look at the description on the back.

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