Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hey, hey Nintendo fans,

What do you get when you give a game a chance because the price is low, low, even though you think there’s a good chance that the game is going to be shite? This was my experience with a certain game for the Nintendo DS. The answer to my question is….you find yourself a hidden gem. In my case this hidden gem was Polarium.
In this game, you use your stylus to make horizontal lines on the touch screen with one clean swoop. You either have to change the white blocks to black or the black blocks to white. Sound easy? Yup, it is, until you realize that there are blocks coming down from the top forcing you to speed up your color changing mission. There’s a head to head mode so that two players can battle it out.
If you’re into puzzle games such as Tetris. This game should fit your fancy.. On the other hand I’m not a huge Tetris fan but I love Polarium.
If you commute to work or school on a bus or sub and have the need to fill time instead of staring at the person across from you, I recommend grabbing up this game. You can find this game with a really cheap price tag slapped to it. But don’t let that fool ya.


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