Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dementium: The Ward

First of all I would like to thank the site Leave Luck To Heaven for helping people on their quest to purchasing worthy games. Also, for providing me a platform to share with you, my thoughts on Nintendo DS games. I have been a fan of Nintendo since the early years and I may have been the first person to properly MOD a Super Famicom. I have helped put to rest junky consoles like Sega, Turbo GraphX 16 and Panasonic 3DO. Next hits on my list are Playstation and XBOX. This is my first review for this site and hopefully I’ll be asked back for more. Now let’s get down to business….
I'm a huge fan of being scared. I have always enjoyed my adrenaline working overtime knowing that something is about to jump out at me and try to scare me out of my own skin. Be it through horror movies, games, a sickly dog who's leash is never attached to it's neck or the neighbourhood kid who gets his thrills by jumping out at passer by's from behind a tree. So when I saw the game Dementium The Ward, for the Nintendo DS, sitting on a boutique's third shelf from the top, my heart exploded into many pieces.

Could this be the creepiest game I have ever come across? I thought. Damn straight it can. The box was dark with an image of what seems to me like a face sleeping in that darkness. I guess everyone needs a break from shooting up mutants. How can this game not be creepy.So I took the game home, turned the light off in my room, Jumped onto my bed and began playing.

In the open scene you have no damn clue what's going on. Your ass is being wheeled down a hospital hallway, (in a wheel chair of course) quicker than the Xbox and Playstation 3's popularity going down the toilet.You don't know who is pushing you, I assume some half dead nurse with a bad attitude. As you're speeded down the hall you see blood and gore all over the walls, floor, and ceiling. Some freaky kid disappearing into the darkness and your heart rate meter climbing. All this to the tune of creepy whispers surrounding you until you're tossed into a bedroom.

The creatures in this game are described as grotesque surgical experiments. I don't care if their names are Larry, Mo, and Curly. As long as I can hit the power button if I get too freaked out, I'm happy.

In the game you get to collect things like a flashlight so that you can see what's lurking in the shadows. A pistol so that you can shoot those miserable creeps who love to come running at you with their insides exposed. A notepad so that you can remember things like the combination to a door. There are puzzles that you have to figure out throughout the game and a big-ass creature dawning a butcher knife and dragging a girl who looks ever so scared by the feet and disappearing behind a couple of swinging doors.

You have to use your stylus to look and the crosspad to move. The left trigger is to use your weapons or flashlight. It might just be me, but I have trouble moving and using the weaponry with my left hand. But I can get used to it.

If you're into creepy games, you're sure to like Dementium. Find yourself a dark, quiet place and turn on your DS.

A Definite Buy!

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