Friday, December 28, 2007

Vanilla's #1 Virtual Console Pick!

Having trouble deciding what to download from your Virtual Console? Never fear, the Assassin is here.
My #1 pick is an oldie but a goody. I’ve loved this game ever since I first played it so many years ago. You won’t be sorry.

Balloon Fight

You control a character with two balloons stuck to his back. You float around in the air trying to kick bad guy ass, who like you, use balloon power to float around. If they pop both your balloons, you die. When you hit your enemy’s balloon, they float to the ground with the aid of a parachute. There’s a lake at the bottom of the screen and if the enemy lands in there, usually a big fish pops up and devours them. If they hit land you have to kick their ass before they finish pumping their balloons back up and taking to the air. You can also kill them by hurting them as they float to the ground via parachute.
If you float too dangerously near the lake, the giant fish may try to devour you. Be careful because that fish has never heard of mouthwash.

Sometimes lightening, which is represented by an electrically charged dot flies around the screen. Careful cause if this touches you, you’re fried.
Now if that’s not rockin the fun outta your ears, there’s a two player mode where you go head to head with an opponent. Doesn’t get much better than RED VS BLUE!

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