Sunday, December 2, 2007

Napoleon Dynamite: The Game

Seems a little late in the day for this game to be coming out doesn't it? Napoleon Dynamite is the kind of movie you either love or hate and the same can probably be said for this cart.

Personally, I love the movie so it was a given I'd be trying this. It's a bunch of mini-games that do a pretty good job of capturing the humor of the movie.

The games got a smile out of me and the art style--it combines collage and Napoleon's drawings--really makes this game unique. Feeding Tina some FOOD is pretty funny. Honestly though I doubt I'll be picking this up anytime again soon. I got mine as a gift and I'll be holding onto it.

A buy for Napoleon Dynamite collectors, a hold for mini-game compilation enthusiasts, and strong sell for everyone else.

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