Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rampage Total Destruction

I’ve known the Rampage series from my early years as a gamer. I have always had a sort of like/dislike relationship with it for as long as I can remember. I mean, it’s a good game if you want to spend an hour causing mayhem.

As a monster, you destroy city after city. It’s fun eating people and tossing cars around.
In Rampage Total Destruction, you are given a task before each board. For example, eating 10 mimes, or on another board eating 10 cops or snack on skaters.
You can also learn different moves like spinning around like a helicopter propeller while trying to aim your fists at an object and destroying it. Or there’s a super jump you can learn If you want to soar through the sky. There’s also a lot more choice in monsters.
The cool part is the Wii controls. One example being if you want to grab an object, swing the Wii controller down in the direction of the object. It kind of feels like you're reaching down with your hand.
If you love the previous Rampage games or want cheap therapy sessions
You’ll like this one. For me, this game borders on fun and basically doing the same thing over and over it's somewhat repetitive and quickly falls into the danger zone of becoming boring. Now if you had multiple players goin at it, it would be a pretty cool party game.
If you can find a used copy at a cheap price, then I say buy it. Otherwise I have to say hold off on this purchase, and borrow it from a friend or if you can’t find a friend or if you can’t find a friend with this game then rent it.
Take a hold on this game.

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