Friday, July 22, 2022

Session 9 Recap July 16

 Assassin passes out a silver platter to Sandman (Romulus) and his map to Mooncake (Luna).

Broam asked if they party killed the blue gator.  Broam thanks Sandman for killing the gator since it was constantly harassing him.  He then asks if they found his gold egg.  The party successfully hid the fact that they did find the egg.  He asks them to return the egg if they find it but says he hasn’t much to offer in return if they do find it.

The party leaves the room back to the hallway and goes towards the last unopened door.  The party forgets about the trap in front of the door and triggers it.  Sandman falls into the trap and injures his foot on the spike for a point of damage.  The slime poison on the spike causes extreme thirst.  Sandman drinks an entire waterskin that he takes from Mooncake leaving her with an empty waterskin.  Mooncake uses a healer’s kit on Sandman to bandage the wound.  This time they trigger the trap again using the spear.  The party decides to climb down and back out to get to the door.  Assassin slips in the trap and falls on the spike.  He takes a hit of damage and also becomes extremely thirsty.  He drinks his entire waterskin leaving him with an empty waterskin.  Mooncake heals him with a healer’s kit.  They consider where they might find water but decide to leave it for now.

They manage to make it into the final room. There’s a huge stone idol in the room with glowing eyes.  Purple mud flows from its mouth and green slime flows from its nose.  Three toad wraiths are praying to the idol.  Mooncake walks up to the statue but the wraiths are absorbed in their prayers.  Assassin decides to climb up the idol to inspect the eyes.  He makes it up but is getting covered in mud and slime.  He pries out the eyes—which are rubies—with his bone.  He tosses one ruby to Mooncake.  This angers the wraiths.  The wraiths pull at Assassin but he manages to grab the other ruby and then jump on a wraith hurting it.  The wraiths attack the party.  One attacks Mooncake and misses.  Another attacks Sandman and misses.  Sandman attacks with his spear and hits.  The wraiths miss again.  Assassin attacks with his bone club and hits.  Sandman attacks with his spear and hits.  Mooncake attacks with her parasol and hits but breaks her parasol.  The wraiths attack again but don’t do any damage.  Assassin avoids the action for a moment. Sandman attacks a wraith and kills it.  Mooncake attacks a wraith and damages it.  The wraiths attack and miss.  Mooncake attacks and kills a wraith.  Assassin attacks the last wraith and kills it.

The party now has 4 silver platters, a solid gold egg, and two large rubies.  At this point the party decides to re-organize before deciding their next actions and the session ended.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Session 8 July 9

The session begins in the southeast room with the gator attacking Vanilla again but only manages to tear his clothing some more.  Romulus is still in the pit.  Luna is at the doorway.  Vanilla reveals he has four silver platters.

The party decides to try to lure the gator out the hallway and over the trap.  They go into the hallway and spark their flint and steel to attract it.  It works!  The gator runs through the door and triggers the trap.  It falls into the trap and dies.  They go back into the room and search the bone nest.  They find bones of all shapes and sizes including human leg bones belonging to failed adventurers.  They find three gator eggs that they distribute among themselves and a solid gold egg.  Assassin gives Luna her cloak back and has the party help carry the silver platters.  Assassin chooses a sturdy leg bone (presumably human?)  from the nest to use as a weapon.  They go back down the hallway to see Broam again. 

Broam asks the party to leave the Shrine.  They go into Broam’s throne room and volunteer that they killed the blue gator.  Broam reacted strongly but without any clue as to whether he was happy or angry and the session ended.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Session 7 Recap June 25

Luna wakes up in the north hallway and notices her wet clothing.  A bad smell is coming from the north door, there are sounds coming from the west door.  Luna chooses the west door. She opens the door but it is very dark in the room.  There is enough ambient light to see an outline she recognizes as Assassin.  She also sees a giant pulsing mass and two toad wraiths.  The Toad Behemoth greets Luna and introduces himself as Broam Lord-Under-the-Mire.  Vanilla introduces himself to Broam as “Romulus.”  Broam asks Luna a riddle: “What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?”  Luna answered correctly; silence.  This impresses Broam.  Broam has no more information to share and dismisses the party.  The pair of adventures go through the south door into the small hallway where Romulus is.  He’s in the pit trap at the end of the hallway and is unable to reach the lantern to give it to Luna.  Romulus is holding the trap open.  Luna takes off her cloak and leaves it in the hallway and Assassin wrings it out and takes it.  She gets into the pit with Romulus.  He hands her the lantern and helps her push the door open. She goes through the southern door. In the room, Luna sees a mound of what might be sticks on the floor in the southwest corner.  She moves over to the mound and Assassin comes into the room now.  Now they both move towards the mound.  Now they see they’re bones of all shapes and sizes fashioned into a nest.  Luna runs the other way.  Assassin wants to kick the mound and dig through the bones.  But within 10 feet of the nest a blue gator comes out of the nest.  It’s aggressive.  The gator is coming towards them.  Assassin deftly avoids the first attack and then a second! Assassin tries to jump on the gator’s back but fails.  Luna runs towards the door and almost slips into the trap but manages to stop herself in time.  She’s at the doorway.  The gator attacks Assassin again with a snap but misses; he only managed to tear his clothing.  Assassin tries to Kancho the gator but misses. The gator snaps again and misses again!  Assassin tries to elbow drop the gator and misses; he falls onto the ground.  The session ended!

Romulus in pit.  Luna at doorway.  Assassin on ground.  Gator has the initiative.