Sunday, July 27, 2008

DS at E3: What happened?

Nintendo didn't deliver on the rumored redesign of the DS but so many great titles were released for the handheld that it almost makes the pain go away.  IGN posted a great wrap up of the DS titles we got a look at at this year's E3.  I'm really interested in Lock's Quest.

Fujifilm and Nintendo team up in Japan

Fujifilm and Nintendo announce a photo printing service that runs on your Wii.  The service is expected to roll out world wide in the next year.

NASCAR for DS in the works?

Sweet fancy Moses! I was at the discount Lego store the other day when I got a call on my Apple iPhone about the new NASCAR game for the Nintendo DS. Some hacker broke the DRM on the cart and released the bittorrent to the Pirate Bay. Anyway I downloaded it and it sucked as hard as the new Tarantino movie. I'll rate this unholy mess a "Sell sell sell."

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sanyo's licensed Wii Remote charger Japan only for now

I was reading about Sanyo's eneloop battery technology in the last issue of Wired.  It was definitely something I was interested in for all my gadgets.  Turns out that Nintendo has given the go ahead to Sanyo to release a licensed Remote charger using their eneloop tech.  Very cool.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Civilization Revolution

Hello, hello all you 8-bit Maniacs,

So i took the advice of Von Kaiser( Fame) and grabbed meself up some Civ Revolution for the DS.
The former boxing legend was NOT clowning me one damn bit. The game is insane. I used to stay up for days playin Civ 3 on my old PC. The game was like crack.  Addictive in a captivating sort of a way. The DS version is even better. I'm almost sickened that i bought it because now all i think about is where to attack Napoleon. Or how to take my revenge on the Aztecs. My life will be stuck on hold for a while. Except when working. Actually, even at work i couldn't stop thinking about war tactics and how i'm going to break my peace agreement with the English.

I've had the game now for a day and a bit and i've won twice by world domination(as the Mongols of course). They are one of my favourite hordes of history. I found it funny because Napoleon was originally taking pot shots at me and when i finally made my move on him he offered me peace. "Hells No", i thought  and went on to attack him forgetting that i had a Democratic government, my peeps told me to settle down and accept peace. So i did.
Then i had those dirty Aztecs talk trash to me and ended up destroying my galleon ship with my modern infantry and militia man drowning. "Screw this" i said to myself and i moved five of my battleships along the Aztec coast. I took down fighter after fighter, ship after ship and finally sending a cruiser loaded with fun surprises to the Aztec territory. As soon as i got there Monte offered me peace and again my people made me accept.
At this point i was pissed and wanted to take all out revenge on somebody. Mao was my buddy even though he captured one of my spies. god knows what those Communist monkies did to that poor soul. But Mao didn't break our peace since i traded stuff with him. Finally Napoleon, even though i protected his escargot ass from the Germans waved his face at me and called me a snob and told me that the world neighbours wouldn't stand for me using my nuke. 
This was the mistake i was waiting for. I was saving my manhattan project surprise for the Aztecs but i couldn't use it because they called for peace last minute and my Democratic civilians wanted no part of war. So i declared war on Paris. Problem was i was stopped by my peeps again.
At this point Napoleon's cocky face was etched into my head and i had to do something radical. Change to a Republic....sorry no, Dictatorship and chance my culturally superior towns breaking into chaos. I went for it and chaos did ensue. I gave the word to my military advisor to launch our toy. With a smile on his face, my advisor asked if i was sure. I replied "Hell yeah",  and off went the missile, straight into the air, close up to the DS screen and down towards Paris. I put my sunglasses on just before the giant flash.

Anyway, if you want a totally addictive game for the DS, Civ Rev is just that. You won't be sorry you purchased it. I think it's the best game since Animal Crossing DS. Pick it up, pick it up. If you havn't already.

PS. Don't forget to download podcast eight. It rocks and rolls with Nintendo gossip, and Xbox and PS trash talk.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Podcast Ocho! No paddles required!

The "D" Sabre

Podcast Ocho!  It's bigger than the Super Bowl, the World Series, and World War II combined!  In this episode we wrap up E3, catch up on a boatload of DS titles, and Vanilla discusses his new game idea: My Start Smoking Coach.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Animal Crossing: City Folk

  • Animal Forest (N64)
  • Animal Crossing (GCN)
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

And now Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii.  This title will be shipping with a microphone so's you can chat to your little pals online.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS

I wish we had some screens or a website that's more than brochureware but the announcement is interesting on its own; Grand Theft Auto is coming to the DS.  Hey, with 100 million dual screens out there how can you not at least try to squeeze a few more dimes from your franchise?

Monday, July 14, 2008

According to Sony the Wii is an "expensive niche product."

Whaaaa?  I guess if by "expensive" Howard Stringer means "cheaper" and by "niche" he means "mass appeal" then he's right.  I also love how even he can only sell PS3 as "the best way to buy a Blu-Ray player."  lmao.  

Wii Remote now comes with motion control!

Great news everyone!  Nintendo has released a new hardware plug in for your Wii Remotes that turns it into a motion sensing device.  No, really.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't stop believin': Podcast Seven

Here. It Is.  Podcast 7.  It's just a small town girl living in a lonely world.  It took the midnight train going anywhere.

Midway goes Mechanical

Remember The Incredible Machine?  Well, it's back.  In Midway form.  Intriguing trailer.

Tecmo Bowl!

Forget all that Madden crap!  Tecmo Bowl, with it's overhead, side scrolling grid iron gameplay, is going to score a damn touchdown on the DS.  As a bonus for reading this post, here's a video of a typical Bo Jackson TD in Tecmo Bowl:  The only 300 yard TD in history.

Wii: Is there anything it can't do?

Now it's taking wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy sufferers and turning them into gymnasts and rock stars.

Fire Emblem finally coming to the DS

I just had to throw my panties in the dryer after reading this article (with accompanying vid) about the soon to be released Fire Emblem title for the DS.  

Will Sony and Microsoft "out-Wii" the Wii at E3?


Interesting concept for DS game storage

It's not perfect but it's definitely an interesting idea.  A nine year old inventor has invented Game Chains; a way to link your DS carts on a chain like keys.  Only problem is that you have to use an "aggressive adhesive" to stick the games on.  The site claims the provide sticky pad won't damage your games.  But if you don't give a rat's ass about that then the site also mentions that the game chains are "Super Glue compatible."  Wow.


Never again will you see a headline on Leave Luck to Us in all caps.  I just couldn't help it here. Speculation is that Animal Crossing Wii is FINISHED and will be unwrapped like a tuna can at E3!  Something about Punch Out Wii too.

For all you perverts: a Samus statuette

I have to admit this statuette of Samus in her Phazon Suit is pretty slick.  There are a few statues that will be going on sale soon.

E3 will bring Wario Land: Shake It!

A new Wario title is storming the beaches of the Wii: Shake It!  Players hold the remote sideways like an old school NES controller and can shake the remote to help Wario break stuff up.  I always enjoy a Wario title.  More info here.

Nintendo DS being used to teach kids broken English

Japanese schoolkids are being taught English with special programs written for the Nintendo DS. Dang, when I was a kid the teacher told us to take a paper and pass it back.  In Japan the teacher asks who wants to hand out the DSs!  

First bowling, now boxing.

Apparently, Grandmas can't get enough Wii Boxing.  If it's alright with Grandmas then how can it possibly be wrong?

Move over Mario! Captain Rainbow is here!

Nintendo pulled the covers off their brand new property: Captain Rainbow!  Turns out no one is quite sure what he's all about or what the objective of the game may be but who cares?  It's Captain Rainbow!  Captain Rainbow! Captain Rainbow!  Just a quick aside though; aren't there any other ranks available in the Mushroom Kingdom?  Captain Falcon, Captain Fox McCloud, Captain Olimar.  How about Colonel Rainbow? Corporal Rainbow? Or Major Rainbow?

Widescreen DS leaked?

If you've been listening to our podcasts you know that we were among the first to report a new DS that we expected to be released this month.  We reported on a lighter, thinner unit with wider screens, a smaller gap between the screens, internal flash memory for downloads, and a bigger stylus.  The Vanilla Assassin and I were just about to wipe the egg from our faces before I ran into this article claiming that that very unit we were predicting has been leaked in a Japanese game ad.  It could end up being nothing more than an awkward attempt by a graphic designer to showcase the game images but I think that with E3 coming up you'll be hearing something other than denials from Nintendo in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Now that's how you play Wii Fit!

Since this is the ultimate "someone playing Wii Fit" video I won't feel the need to post any others.  Enjoy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

From the "Duh" department

Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS is selling like rock and roll flapjacks.

My hats off to you sirs

A very interesting read about two gents who have somehow managed to collect all 60 (59 regular titles plus the Super Mario Special Edition) Nintendo Game and Watch titles.  One of the collectors has managed to put together a collection that is entirely IN BOX and with all documentation.  Truly a stunning feat.  Outstanding article about a very special subset of Nintendophiles.

Mac OS on a DS?

If you've listened to any of our podcasts you'll know that we have always felt that a kinship exists between Nintendo and Apple.  Well we must not be the only ones because here's a dude who's managed to get Mac System 6 to run on his DS.  Outstanding.

Elebits to DS

Here's a strange story.  The Wii title Elebits is coming to the DS.  Not a straight port, Eledees, as it will be known, changes up the story and the gameplay a bit.  I sold my copy of Elebits but always kind of wish I hadn't if that helps to explain my feelings towards the game.

Look at all the pretty colors!

Here's a little title that looks like it might be a gem:  Big Bang Mini for the DS.  The video shows a game that looks like a fireworks factory threw up.  Could be good.

Feel like padding big fat Lucas' big fat pockets?

Lightsaber styluses for the DS ensure that all you dateless wonders will never have to worry about getting cooties from a girl.  And as a bonus, Lucas gets enough pocket money to buy that 100x100 burger he's been saving up for.

Chrono Trigger to DS!

Square Enix has announced that the classic SNES RPG Chrono Trigger is coming to the DS with Wifi and a new dungeon!  I'll give this a preemptive buy rating.  Chrono Trigger!  Check out Square's delicious tease of a site as well.

Reviews up your wazoo! Yahoo!

Hey Kids! It's the Great Kazoo with reviews you can use!  Reviews up the wazoo!  Yahoo!

Working day in day out means I can't spend much time on the blog lately but I'm determined to get back up to speed ASAP!  As a result, I'm going to quickly review the latest and greatest that Nintendo has to offer.  I've bought quite a bit of new material lately and have lots to report.   Let's get started.

1. The World Ends With You (DS)

Blarg.  Sucks. I don't know why this game was generating so much hype.  It's boring as Hell.  Sell.

2. Okami (Wii)

Yep, a port from the PS2 but one of the best games of the year nonetheless.  The control scheme was made for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.  Technology has finally caught up to this title which was a little ahead of its time when it was released.  Beautiful watercolor artwork, engaging story, atmospheric music.  A must buy.

3. Super Dodgeball Brothers (DS)

Do you have a friend?  If not, don't bother with this title.

4.  Extreme Space Invaders (DS)

Addictive for about five minutes.  It's like "Hey!  Remember Space Invaders?  Yeah, those were the days."  And then you're done.

5.  Arkanoid (DS)

In order to keep the price down the paddle was left out of the North American release.  For whatever reason, I bought it anyway.  No paddle = dealbreaker.  Forget it or import it from Play Asia.

6.  Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)

Kids if you don't have the money to buy this tite then go into your mom's purse, look through her wallet and just steal the money.  You owe it to yourself.  Even though my hands now resembles a bug's claws this game is still pure gold.

7.   Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS)

I hate titles like this that follow the Title (Subtitle): Tertiary Title format.  But I'll forgive this game's pretentious moniker and give it a buy rating.  A very deep and entertaining game whose ROI is extremely high.

8.  Lego Indiana Jones (DS)

I love the Lego Star Wars titles and quite enjoy the Lego Indiana Jones cart.  It's really quite good.  Only one gripe and that's carried over from the other Lego games:  Opportunities to save are few and far between (you have to finish a whole episode before it will autosave).  It's really a downer when you have to leave your DS on sleep all day and can't switch out your game until you play through the whole scene.  Every DS games should include a save on request function.  It's a damn portable after all!  What happens when my bus ride is over?

9.  My Weight Loss Coach (DS)

Embarassing to buy but a very cute "game."  The pedometer works great and it will actually make a difference in your life if you play it every day.  Which I don't.