Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Civilization Revolution

Hello, hello all you 8-bit Maniacs,

So i took the advice of Von Kaiser( Fame) and grabbed meself up some Civ Revolution for the DS.
The former boxing legend was NOT clowning me one damn bit. The game is insane. I used to stay up for days playin Civ 3 on my old PC. The game was like crack.  Addictive in a captivating sort of a way. The DS version is even better. I'm almost sickened that i bought it because now all i think about is where to attack Napoleon. Or how to take my revenge on the Aztecs. My life will be stuck on hold for a while. Except when working. Actually, even at work i couldn't stop thinking about war tactics and how i'm going to break my peace agreement with the English.

I've had the game now for a day and a bit and i've won twice by world domination(as the Mongols of course). They are one of my favourite hordes of history. I found it funny because Napoleon was originally taking pot shots at me and when i finally made my move on him he offered me peace. "Hells No", i thought  and went on to attack him forgetting that i had a Democratic government, my peeps told me to settle down and accept peace. So i did.
Then i had those dirty Aztecs talk trash to me and ended up destroying my galleon ship with my modern infantry and militia man drowning. "Screw this" i said to myself and i moved five of my battleships along the Aztec coast. I took down fighter after fighter, ship after ship and finally sending a cruiser loaded with fun surprises to the Aztec territory. As soon as i got there Monte offered me peace and again my people made me accept.
At this point i was pissed and wanted to take all out revenge on somebody. Mao was my buddy even though he captured one of my spies. god knows what those Communist monkies did to that poor soul. But Mao didn't break our peace since i traded stuff with him. Finally Napoleon, even though i protected his escargot ass from the Germans waved his face at me and called me a snob and told me that the world neighbours wouldn't stand for me using my nuke. 
This was the mistake i was waiting for. I was saving my manhattan project surprise for the Aztecs but i couldn't use it because they called for peace last minute and my Democratic civilians wanted no part of war. So i declared war on Paris. Problem was i was stopped by my peeps again.
At this point Napoleon's cocky face was etched into my head and i had to do something radical. Change to a Republic....sorry no, Dictatorship and chance my culturally superior towns breaking into chaos. I went for it and chaos did ensue. I gave the word to my military advisor to launch our toy. With a smile on his face, my advisor asked if i was sure. I replied "Hell yeah",  and off went the missile, straight into the air, close up to the DS screen and down towards Paris. I put my sunglasses on just before the giant flash.

Anyway, if you want a totally addictive game for the DS, Civ Rev is just that. You won't be sorry you purchased it. I think it's the best game since Animal Crossing DS. Pick it up, pick it up. If you havn't already.

PS. Don't forget to download podcast eight. It rocks and rolls with Nintendo gossip, and Xbox and PS trash talk.


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