Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For real this time

I know I've jumped the gun a few times and reported that a new DS was imminent but I am ready to guarantee* you that tomorrow is the day the new DS will be announced.  The new unit packs a camera that will be used in gameplay.  That's really all I know.

*not a guarantee

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two quick recommends

1.  Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise (I caved) and Lock's Quest.  Both quick "buys."  Pick 'em up now before the flood of DS titles drains you dry.  Upcoming:  Korg-10, SimCity Creator, My Japanese Coach, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Guitar Hero: Decades.  Just doesn't end.  The DS is going to be going strong for years.  Must be why they haven't even considered DS II yet.

Posting: I forgot.

Not really.  Technical problems prevented me from posting.  Then again, excuses are like Ferraris:  everybody has one.  But here's a post to cheer you up:  Mama is going outside in her new title Gardening Mama.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

DS at E3: What happened?

Nintendo didn't deliver on the rumored redesign of the DS but so many great titles were released for the handheld that it almost makes the pain go away.  IGN posted a great wrap up of the DS titles we got a look at at this year's E3.  I'm really interested in Lock's Quest.

Fujifilm and Nintendo team up in Japan

Fujifilm and Nintendo announce a photo printing service that runs on your Wii.  The service is expected to roll out world wide in the next year.

NASCAR for DS in the works?

Sweet fancy Moses! I was at the discount Lego store the other day when I got a call on my Apple iPhone about the new NASCAR game for the Nintendo DS. Some hacker broke the DRM on the cart and released the bittorrent to the Pirate Bay. Anyway I downloaded it and it sucked as hard as the new Tarantino movie. I'll rate this unholy mess a "Sell sell sell."

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sanyo's licensed Wii Remote charger Japan only for now

I was reading about Sanyo's eneloop battery technology in the last issue of Wired.  It was definitely something I was interested in for all my gadgets.  Turns out that Nintendo has given the go ahead to Sanyo to release a licensed Remote charger using their eneloop tech.  Very cool.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Civilization Revolution

Hello, hello all you 8-bit Maniacs,

So i took the advice of Von Kaiser(Leaveluckto.us Fame) and grabbed meself up some Civ Revolution for the DS.
The former boxing legend was NOT clowning me one damn bit. The game is insane. I used to stay up for days playin Civ 3 on my old PC. The game was like crack.  Addictive in a captivating sort of a way. The DS version is even better. I'm almost sickened that i bought it because now all i think about is where to attack Napoleon. Or how to take my revenge on the Aztecs. My life will be stuck on hold for a while. Except when working. Actually, even at work i couldn't stop thinking about war tactics and how i'm going to break my peace agreement with the English.

I've had the game now for a day and a bit and i've won twice by world domination(as the Mongols of course). They are one of my favourite hordes of history. I found it funny because Napoleon was originally taking pot shots at me and when i finally made my move on him he offered me peace. "Hells No", i thought  and went on to attack him forgetting that i had a Democratic government, my peeps told me to settle down and accept peace. So i did.
Then i had those dirty Aztecs talk trash to me and ended up destroying my galleon ship with my modern infantry and militia man drowning. "Screw this" i said to myself and i moved five of my battleships along the Aztec coast. I took down fighter after fighter, ship after ship and finally sending a cruiser loaded with fun surprises to the Aztec territory. As soon as i got there Monte offered me peace and again my people made me accept.
At this point i was pissed and wanted to take all out revenge on somebody. Mao was my buddy even though he captured one of my spies. god knows what those Communist monkies did to that poor soul. But Mao didn't break our peace since i traded stuff with him. Finally Napoleon, even though i protected his escargot ass from the Germans waved his face at me and called me a snob and told me that the world neighbours wouldn't stand for me using my nuke. 
This was the mistake i was waiting for. I was saving my manhattan project surprise for the Aztecs but i couldn't use it because they called for peace last minute and my Democratic civilians wanted no part of war. So i declared war on Paris. Problem was i was stopped by my peeps again.
At this point Napoleon's cocky face was etched into my head and i had to do something radical. Change to a Republic....sorry no, Dictatorship and chance my culturally superior towns breaking into chaos. I went for it and chaos did ensue. I gave the word to my military advisor to launch our toy. With a smile on his face, my advisor asked if i was sure. I replied "Hell yeah",  and off went the missile, straight into the air, close up to the DS screen and down towards Paris. I put my sunglasses on just before the giant flash.

Anyway, if you want a totally addictive game for the DS, Civ Rev is just that. You won't be sorry you purchased it. I think it's the best game since Animal Crossing DS. Pick it up, pick it up. If you havn't already.

PS. Don't forget to download leaveluckto.us podcast eight. It rocks and rolls with Nintendo gossip, and Xbox and PS trash talk.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Podcast Ocho! No paddles required!

The "D" Sabre

Podcast Ocho!  It's bigger than the Super Bowl, the World Series, and World War II combined!  In this episode we wrap up E3, catch up on a boatload of DS titles, and Vanilla discusses his new game idea: My Start Smoking Coach.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Animal Crossing: City Folk

  • Animal Forest (N64)
  • Animal Crossing (GCN)
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

And now Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii.  This title will be shipping with a microphone so's you can chat to your little pals online.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS

I wish we had some screens or a website that's more than brochureware but the announcement is interesting on its own; Grand Theft Auto is coming to the DS.  Hey, with 100 million dual screens out there how can you not at least try to squeeze a few more dimes from your franchise?

Monday, July 14, 2008

According to Sony the Wii is an "expensive niche product."

Whaaaa?  I guess if by "expensive" Howard Stringer means "cheaper" and by "niche" he means "mass appeal" then he's right.  I also love how even he can only sell PS3 as "the best way to buy a Blu-Ray player."  lmao.  

Wii Remote now comes with motion control!

Great news everyone!  Nintendo has released a new hardware plug in for your Wii Remotes that turns it into a motion sensing device.  No, really.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't stop believin': Podcast Seven

Here. It Is.  Podcast 7.  It's just a small town girl living in a lonely world.  It took the midnight train going anywhere.

Midway goes Mechanical

Remember The Incredible Machine?  Well, it's back.  In Midway form.  Intriguing trailer.

Tecmo Bowl!

Forget all that Madden crap!  Tecmo Bowl, with it's overhead, side scrolling grid iron gameplay, is going to score a damn touchdown on the DS.  As a bonus for reading this post, here's a video of a typical Bo Jackson TD in Tecmo Bowl:  The only 300 yard TD in history.

Wii: Is there anything it can't do?

Now it's taking wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy sufferers and turning them into gymnasts and rock stars.

Fire Emblem finally coming to the DS

I just had to throw my panties in the dryer after reading this article (with accompanying vid) about the soon to be released Fire Emblem title for the DS.  

Will Sony and Microsoft "out-Wii" the Wii at E3?


Interesting concept for DS game storage

It's not perfect but it's definitely an interesting idea.  A nine year old inventor has invented Game Chains; a way to link your DS carts on a chain like keys.  Only problem is that you have to use an "aggressive adhesive" to stick the games on.  The site claims the provide sticky pad won't damage your games.  But if you don't give a rat's ass about that then the site also mentions that the game chains are "Super Glue compatible."  Wow.


Never again will you see a headline on Leave Luck to Us in all caps.  I just couldn't help it here. Speculation is that Animal Crossing Wii is FINISHED and will be unwrapped like a tuna can at E3!  Something about Punch Out Wii too.

For all you perverts: a Samus statuette

I have to admit this statuette of Samus in her Phazon Suit is pretty slick.  There are a few statues that will be going on sale soon.

E3 will bring Wario Land: Shake It!

A new Wario title is storming the beaches of the Wii: Shake It!  Players hold the remote sideways like an old school NES controller and can shake the remote to help Wario break stuff up.  I always enjoy a Wario title.  More info here.

Nintendo DS being used to teach kids broken English

Japanese schoolkids are being taught English with special programs written for the Nintendo DS. Dang, when I was a kid the teacher told us to take a paper and pass it back.  In Japan the teacher asks who wants to hand out the DSs!  

First bowling, now boxing.

Apparently, Grandmas can't get enough Wii Boxing.  If it's alright with Grandmas then how can it possibly be wrong?

Move over Mario! Captain Rainbow is here!

Nintendo pulled the covers off their brand new property: Captain Rainbow!  Turns out no one is quite sure what he's all about or what the objective of the game may be but who cares?  It's Captain Rainbow!  Captain Rainbow! Captain Rainbow!  Just a quick aside though; aren't there any other ranks available in the Mushroom Kingdom?  Captain Falcon, Captain Fox McCloud, Captain Olimar.  How about Colonel Rainbow? Corporal Rainbow? Or Major Rainbow?

Widescreen DS leaked?

If you've been listening to our podcasts you know that we were among the first to report a new DS that we expected to be released this month.  We reported on a lighter, thinner unit with wider screens, a smaller gap between the screens, internal flash memory for downloads, and a bigger stylus.  The Vanilla Assassin and I were just about to wipe the egg from our faces before I ran into this article claiming that that very unit we were predicting has been leaked in a Japanese game ad.  It could end up being nothing more than an awkward attempt by a graphic designer to showcase the game images but I think that with E3 coming up you'll be hearing something other than denials from Nintendo in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Now that's how you play Wii Fit!

Since this is the ultimate "someone playing Wii Fit" video I won't feel the need to post any others.  Enjoy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

From the "Duh" department

Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS is selling like rock and roll flapjacks.

My hats off to you sirs

A very interesting read about two gents who have somehow managed to collect all 60 (59 regular titles plus the Super Mario Special Edition) Nintendo Game and Watch titles.  One of the collectors has managed to put together a collection that is entirely IN BOX and with all documentation.  Truly a stunning feat.  Outstanding article about a very special subset of Nintendophiles.

Mac OS on a DS?

If you've listened to any of our podcasts you'll know that we have always felt that a kinship exists between Nintendo and Apple.  Well we must not be the only ones because here's a dude who's managed to get Mac System 6 to run on his DS.  Outstanding.

Elebits to DS

Here's a strange story.  The Wii title Elebits is coming to the DS.  Not a straight port, Eledees, as it will be known, changes up the story and the gameplay a bit.  I sold my copy of Elebits but always kind of wish I hadn't if that helps to explain my feelings towards the game.

Look at all the pretty colors!

Here's a little title that looks like it might be a gem:  Big Bang Mini for the DS.  The video shows a game that looks like a fireworks factory threw up.  Could be good.

Feel like padding big fat Lucas' big fat pockets?

Lightsaber styluses for the DS ensure that all you dateless wonders will never have to worry about getting cooties from a girl.  And as a bonus, Lucas gets enough pocket money to buy that 100x100 burger he's been saving up for.

Chrono Trigger to DS!

Square Enix has announced that the classic SNES RPG Chrono Trigger is coming to the DS with Wifi and a new dungeon!  I'll give this a preemptive buy rating.  Chrono Trigger!  Check out Square's delicious tease of a site as well.

Reviews up your wazoo! Yahoo!

Hey Kids! It's the Great Kazoo with reviews you can use!  Reviews up the wazoo!  Yahoo!

Working day in day out means I can't spend much time on the blog lately but I'm determined to get back up to speed ASAP!  As a result, I'm going to quickly review the latest and greatest that Nintendo has to offer.  I've bought quite a bit of new material lately and have lots to report.   Let's get started.

1. The World Ends With You (DS)

Blarg.  Sucks. I don't know why this game was generating so much hype.  It's boring as Hell.  Sell.

2. Okami (Wii)

Yep, a port from the PS2 but one of the best games of the year nonetheless.  The control scheme was made for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.  Technology has finally caught up to this title which was a little ahead of its time when it was released.  Beautiful watercolor artwork, engaging story, atmospheric music.  A must buy.

3. Super Dodgeball Brothers (DS)

Do you have a friend?  If not, don't bother with this title.

4.  Extreme Space Invaders (DS)

Addictive for about five minutes.  It's like "Hey!  Remember Space Invaders?  Yeah, those were the days."  And then you're done.

5.  Arkanoid (DS)

In order to keep the price down the paddle was left out of the North American release.  For whatever reason, I bought it anyway.  No paddle = dealbreaker.  Forget it or import it from Play Asia.

6.  Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)

Kids if you don't have the money to buy this tite then go into your mom's purse, look through her wallet and just steal the money.  You owe it to yourself.  Even though my hands now resembles a bug's claws this game is still pure gold.

7.   Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS)

I hate titles like this that follow the Title (Subtitle): Tertiary Title format.  But I'll forgive this game's pretentious moniker and give it a buy rating.  A very deep and entertaining game whose ROI is extremely high.

8.  Lego Indiana Jones (DS)

I love the Lego Star Wars titles and quite enjoy the Lego Indiana Jones cart.  It's really quite good.  Only one gripe and that's carried over from the other Lego games:  Opportunities to save are few and far between (you have to finish a whole episode before it will autosave).  It's really a downer when you have to leave your DS on sleep all day and can't switch out your game until you play through the whole scene.  Every DS games should include a save on request function.  It's a damn portable after all!  What happens when my bus ride is over?

9.  My Weight Loss Coach (DS)

Embarassing to buy but a very cute "game."  The pedometer works great and it will actually make a difference in your life if you play it every day.  Which I don't.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some sort of wall covering

A lot of Flickr users are drooling over these pics of some gent's workspace that he's decorated with a wall wrap depicting Super Mario. 

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Have a Happy Summer Everyone

Summer is here. Which means hot days, holidays for many and insects. If you're a camping or wilderness type you will be bombarded with mosquitos and black flies and leaches(if you decide to swim in a pond). Many annoying insects rely on your blood to sustain themselves. Parasites of sorts. If they don't get their fill of your crimson nourishment, they will be left behind and will die.

Speaking of parasites, a good number of people will be playing video games. No school means more time for games. I can't fault the victims of crappy consoles. They have been brainwashed by the parasites that these living- room- waste of space are. There are so many nerds, geeks and jocks who have gone astray ino the barren wastelands of Xbox and Playstation. I feel bad for these folks. Like the parasites, these consoles survive off of these victims. They lay in wait, watching what Nintendo does innovation-wise, and then mimic Big Daddy N and claim the idea as their own. If they go off on their own and try to create something  new themselves, they fail.

Like the sumer holidays, the time of the Xbox and Playstations will come to an end. They won't be able to keep up with the constantly evolving Nintendo and will end up dying. The funny part is that there will always be another crappy console laying in wait.

Have a great summer everyone. Stay safe out there. We all want to see what Nintendo brings us this fall. Remember always use Xbox and Playstation repellent.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Podcast 6

Podcast Numeral 6 is ready for your listening pleasure.  So get your ears on, grab a cold pop, and enjoy. 

Easily one of our better casts.  This episode we talk about Wii Fit, George Lucas, Father's Day, Air conditioned DSs, Guitar Hero nerds and a whole lot more.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Here we go

Now we gots Playboy bunnies demoing Wii Fit.  Non-nude but NSFW.

Xbox: Miitoos

Once again demonstrating the innovation that propels the company Mimicsoft appears ready to roll out Miis for their console.  Combine that with their "new" Newton motion sensing controller and you've almost got a Wii.  Bastards.  I mean come on.  They look exactly the same.

Bill vs the Battletoads

Very amusing mashup video of Bill O'Reilly's infamous freak out and the notoriously difficult third level of Battletoads. Warning: Salty language.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Genesis does what Nintendon't

How'd that work out for you guys anyhow?

Only the purest nerds want more Wii memory: Nintendo

You gotta love it.  The nerds are tearing at their pocket protectors because Nintendo dared to call them out for the greasy, unshowered losers they are.  Laurent Fischer, at a Nintendo press event, said only "geeks and otaku" were interested in more storage for their Wiis.  Beautiful.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ

Check out this site for the latest DS deliciousness:  Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ.  If you don't buy this just for the title you're a damned idiot.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wii Spray Bomb controller

Jet Grind Radio had already occurred to me as a natural fit for the Wii but this Wii Spray Bomb controller really brings the whole concept home.  Sign me up.

Wario Lemieux steals Stanley Cup

Onion: Evil Red Wings Owner Wario Lemieux steals Stanley Cup.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Podcast V

V for victory!  Podcast V is now available.  Haven't actually listened to it yet.  I'm sure it's fine.  lol.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is Lucas retarded?

I'm starting to wonder.  First he screws up the Star Wars prequels, then he somehow manages to mess up Indiana Jones.  Now he's spouting off that maybe we won't see the vintage Lucasarts adventure games on the DS as previously announced because "it's impossible to fit them on a DS cart."  Impossible.  It's impossible to fit four Amiga 5.25" floppies on a 256MB cart.  Okay.  Sure George.  Then how come those of us with flash carts are already playing them?  Whatever dude. Dumbass.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dr. Mario's got the prescription for fun

Dr. Mario is back in a new Wii Ware offering:  Dr. Mario Online RX.  Now you can juggle those pills on the Internet against your pals.  Also in the hopper:  Metal Slug for the Virtual Console. Better stock up on Wii points.

Ronald loves his DS

What this page says, apparently, is that McDonald's of Japan and Nintendo...of Japan have struck a deal where you can browse the WWW in Mickey D's for free with your DS.  Also, they're offering a "special present" for Pikachu.  Respect.

Hack a Wii

Check this article from the Globe and Mail about the new generation of Wii hackers.  Or, if you just want the meat in the sandwich then throw away the bun and go directly to Hack a Wii.

Big Daddy N sends its regrets to Leipzig

Nintendo ain't gots the time to attend Games Convention 2008.  They gots business to take care of yo!  Miyamoto's busy countin' his cash.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guitar Hero DS: How it works

Great informational content in this video about how Guitar Hero DS: On Tour works but the video overall is pretty cheesy. Anyway, the game looks great and the two player versus sports some very nice features. Looks like a sure buy to these tired eyes.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Miyamoto the Disney of our time

Fascinating New York Times piece on the man who has shaped our generation more than anyone else:  Shigeru Miyamoto.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speed Racer: The Video Game

If you're an F-Zero fan, you'll love Speed Racer. Not since F-Zero for the Snes have I played a racing game which feels new and fresh. This game is bad............ASS that is. Fun oozes from the veins of this game and the graphics are real good. This game is a cross between F-Z and something new. It's fast paced and deadly. The control is quite intuitive. For example to steer you hold your Wii Remote sideways and to turn right you tilt it right and tilt it left if you want to go left.
The game is smooth and nice. Your opponents love trash talking you and you can also try to make allies before each match. Some will decline and some will accept and there are plenty of new characters to unlock. If you do make allies they will make sure they don't do any deadly car-fu moves on you, but they will still try and beat you.
You can jump, slide, barrel roll and do al kinds of kick-in fighting moves on your opponents. If you do happen to attack your allies during their slip stream maneuver, they will break your alliance and you will be penalized.

This game is serious fun and looks reaaaal good. If it had multiplayer online matches like Mario Kart has, I would without a second thought shout from the rooftops that Speed Racer is way better than Mario kart.

This is a definite buy for all you racing fanatics out there.

DS as cooking coach

Don't confuse Cooking Guide: Can't decide what to eat? with Cooking Mama.  This cart actually guides you through making a delicious supper for your damn family.  It's even voice activated so you can have your hands on the damn bowl and spoon or spatula or something and still advance to the next set of instructions.  I no longer fear death.  From starving.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hot Samus Cosplayer

Impressive work on the power suit.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

20 Wii games Nintendo needs to make

A fellow blogger outlines the 20 titles he feels Nintendo needs to release on the Wii.  I didn't find it all that interesting only because at least 15 of his picks will or conceivably could be released on the Wii eventually. In other words, saying that F-Zero should be released on Wii isn't very newsworthy.  I'll eat my Mario cap if Captain Falcon and his buds don't make an appearance on the little white box.  And Zelda?  Yeah, I'm sure Nintendo hasn't even considered that one.  The real reason I'm posting this is because of pick number 9.

DIY Mario Kart trainer wheel

If you're having difficulty getting the hang of the Wii Wheel but you're dying to have the Wii Wheel icon next to your Mii while playing online you may be in luck.  For a ten spot down at your local Wal-Mart you can build your own "Training Wheel" that'll help you hone your skills in the driver's seat.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fatal Frame: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Let the countdown begin. For those regulars who read the site and listen to our cast, know, that i, Vanilla Assassin, can NOT wait for fatal Frame: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. So after the summer when it does come out on our shores, i will be throwing a FF party for a select few. In the meantime. Eat This!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Podcast IV

For all you Nintendophiles; Podcast IV from Leave Luck To Us Radio.  In this episode, Vanilla Assassin and Von "The German Steel Machine" Kaiser discuss Kart, Wii Fit and fat kids, CrossworDS, Fritz, Furu Furu Park, Pinball Hall of Fame, the richest man in Japan and much more!

Grab it up and throw it on your 'pod for your listening pleasure.  Our best 'cast yet!

Podcast IV  (M4A file.  33MB.  Rapidshare.)

Well, well, well

Some new numbers from Tokyo show that Nintendo has a stranglehold on the software charts.  They've locked up 9 out of 10 slots.  How'd that dirty PSP title slip in?  Ah well, I guess we can throw 'em a bone.

Mario Kart (Wii) - 107,000 / 1,227,000
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP) - 82,000 / 1,992,000
Wii Fit (Wii) - 53,000 / 2,039,000
Link's Crossbow Training (Wii) - 49,000 / 141,000
Meccha! Taiko Drum Master DS! Adventure of 7 Islands (DS) - 34,000 / 133,000
Pokémon Ranger Batonage! (DS) - 27,000 / 535,000
Deca Sporta (Wii) - 22,000 / 207,000
Wii Sports (Wii) - 21,000 / 2,979,000
We're Fossil Diggers (DS) - 17,000 / 102,000
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) - 16,000 / 1,620,000

Big Daddy N sponsors handheld learning conference

Nintendo is set to be the lead sponsor for London's Handheld Learning Conference. I don't really understand what they were talking about at this conference before Nintendo jumped in but it seems clear that the DS will provide more than a few talking points for the tall foreheads.

Nintendo bans certain names from Kart online

Nintendo has taken to banning certain names from the online component of Mario Kart.  Just your usual bad words and junk.  Interestingly Hitler has been banned but Stalin has not.  If you're just going by bodycount then why isn't Stalin banned?  I'll never understand why Hitler is "bad" but Stalin is "A-OK" to most people.  Dude killed 100 million.  Whatever.  As long as I don't have to race Mr. C*ckhead from England anymore.  Jerk.

Mario Kart Wii truck roams the countryside

Nintendo's built a truck that would make Michael Knight jealous.  They've taken a cube van and packed it with Wiis and Karts in order to promote the new Kart title.  They drive it around and catch kids in it like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Be forewarned.

Three hotties pegged for the Metallic Rose campaign

Nintendo's launching a new color for North America: Metallic Rose.  They've also announced that they've tapped Carrie Underwood, Liv Tyler and America Ferrara to promote the new color on national television commercials.  These'll definitely be spots that you won't want to TiVo out.

Mars playing M-06

This is a bit old but I just realized I hadn't posted it here yet:  Mars playing M-06 on her DS.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wii Fit: You're fat.

Remember I told you about the parents outraged that Wii Fit dare call their precious snowflakes "fat?"  This blogger says "Hey.  The truth hurts.  You're fat." 

Wii Fit Review: "It's life changing."

According to this Wii Fit review the game is "life changing."

GTA IV? It ain't no thing.

Despite GTA IV being released Nintendo held onto its crown as king of the video game makers.  Wii outsold those other boxes by more than 3 to 1 in April.  Ruh-roh Sony!  

Pokemon getting a shakeup?

Good news is that the next Pokemon might be out before year end.  Pokemon Platinum is slated for a Japanese release in the next couple of quarters.  Gooder news is that the developer is hinting at new gameplay elements in an attempt to mix it up a bit.

Good luck getting Wii Fit on release

If you haven't pre-ordered Wii Fit at this point you're going to be waiting awhile before you'll be able to step on the balance board.  Even the Nintendo World Store is sold out.  Sold out of pre-orders that is.  That's right.  The store has stopped taking pre-orders in NYC because they're ain't no more to sell and it's not even out yet!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

It was a chore even finding this title in the wild.  Greasy Long Mane over at Scabies Games told me that it just came the other day but then why has it been for sale on Amazon for the last few weeks.  Whatev.  When I finally found this on the shelf I grabbed it without thinking.  Imagine my surprise to find it's a bargain proposition at $19.99!  Bonus.  I was ready to pay FIFTY BUCKS!

Long story short, the hype around this game is all deserved.  It really is like you're standing in front of these old machines in a pizza parlor in the 80s drinking RC, listening to Rush and trying to beat ACE's high score.

The tables have been recreated perfectly.  At least as far as I can tell.  My memory's a little shady in this area and I've read that a couple of tables are missing ball locks or something.  Dunno.  What I do know is that if you like pinball you'll love the controls for this game.  With your Remote in one hand and Nunchuk in the other you can almost feel your hands wrapping around an old school table.  Shake either controller and you can shake the table and maybe save a drained ball or too.

Great stuff and the price makes this a buy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

All the news that's Wii Fit to print

Interesting review of Wii Fit by the New York Times.  Also confirms that the Wii has sold upwards of 25 million boxes despite what Microsoft may claim.

Rare mouthin' off; looking for a beating I guess

Rare, forgetting who made them, has gotten a bit mouthy in this trailer for their new turd Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and Butts.  Near the end of the trailer Bingo and Achooie are flying a plane and shoot a missile at a Mario billboard cutting his 8 bit head clean off!  'Ger off Rare!  Now I'm not sure if I will buy Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise.  Skanks.

Can't win 'em all

Nintendo's been spanked.  They lost a patent lawsuit to Anascape.  Not sure what the patent involved but apparently Nintendo infringed on it in the design of the Wii Remote, Wavebird, and Gamecube controller.  The good news is that the judgment was only for 21 mil; a sum that Shiggy pulled from his back pocket and started counting out in the courtroom.  Nintendo plans on appealing the ruling.   It's all good.


Nintendo World Report is reporting that Nintendo and Target are teaming up for a one-off sponsorship deal to plaster Target's NASCAR ride with Nintendo Wii Fit ads.  They have a beautiful image of Target's racing team branded with the white and green of Wii Fit.  Gorgeous.


Thanks to the new Nintendo Channel I was able to download a demo of CrossworDS onto my DS before trying.  I played through a couple of puzzles and I was hooked.  I purchased it the next day. I've previously played the New York Times Crosswords cart for the DS and although I found the puzzles of a very high quality I wasn't a fan of the clunky interface.   That's not to say New York Times Crosswords isn't worth it; it is and I highly recommend it at a $19.99 price point.

Between the two crossword titles however I prefer CrossworDS.  The only flaw with the game is the impossible to google title.

The fit and finish of this game is what you'd expect from a Touch Generations tite (yes I wrote "tite"):  gold of the purest percentage.  The input system is very good and will seldom make a mistake once you learn its quirks (enter a lowercase i instead of an uppercase I for better results for example).  If you're riding a shaky bus it is difficult to enter text without errors. The game uses the "hold like book" orientation of the DS that feels great for a text game like this.  There are 1000 puzzles here that gradually ramp up in difficulty.

As a bonus two other games are included: Anagrams and Word Search.  To be honest, I've been hooked on the Anagrams lately and haven't done a crossword in the last couple of days.  The two extra modes don't feel like add ons at all but something I'd have paid for separately.

The best part of the whole deal is the price point: $19.99.  You simply can't miss with this title.

The demo is still available through your Wii if you're still on the fence but if you have even a passing interest in word games and especially crossword puzzles this title must find a space on your shelf as soon as possible.

 Strong buy.

Best game title ever?

Hooray!  Cornhole is being released for the Wii.  I love Cornhole.  I love to play Cornhole.  I just love saying Cornhole.  Cornhole being the name of the pastime popular among US tailgaters.  The game consists of throwing a little bag filled with corn at a hole in a board.  This is what the Wii is all about.  I can't wait to check my shelf and see Cornhole right there beside Kart and Brawl and whatnot.  Cornhole.

Microsoft in the sauce again

As I type this on my Mac I'm wondering if Microsoft has truly lost it this time.  They've issued a press release that Xbox 360 is the first console to crack 10 million units sold beating out the Wii and PS3.  That's great and all but the Wii has already sold near 30 million units.  What are they on about?  Brain damage.

Touch Darts coming to our shores

I mentioned Touch Darts in passing during one of our Podcasts.  It was a European only release that I really enjoyed but I was under the impression that it would never reach North American audiences.  IGN is reporting that it's now on our release schedule.  Touch Darts is a really entertaining game that I spent a few hours on trying to climb the ladder.  Watch for it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fatal Frame Update and Furu Furu Park Commentary

Hey hey folks,
Welcome to the Warped Zone

So for those of you who listen to the PODcast know that i'm itching for the Wii Fatal Frame. I found out a while back but didn't post right away that Producer Keisuke Kikuchi has said that the Wii remote and FF are a perfect fit. Wow, what do i do now?? This sucks cause i'm even more excited about it. I should go to Japan this summer and grab a copy. Then again, i guess i can wait a few more months. I have also heard rumors that Nintendo has purchased the license to FF. I hope that's true!

I recently got my hands on Furu Furu Park for the Wii. I barely even cracked it open but i will. Furu Furu Park is loaded with 30 mini games ie bubble bobble, Arkanoid...etc. There's a puzzle game in there which indicated 3 different modes which i can't remember. I believe it was expert, something else(maybe normal), and the mode i thought was funny was called "Girl". I don't have it with me right now, so that's why i'm bein so vague.

Anyway that's it for now,
Seeya all next time in the Warped Zone

Snapshot Safari

Remember Pokemon Snap?  Well, it's back.  In African form.  (Incidentally, Pokemon Snap is also back in Wii form; it was released for the Virtual Console awhile back.)  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

EA's Skate coming to Wii and DS

EA's Skate created a lot of buzz a couple of months ago by seemingly knocking off Tony Hawk as the most innovative skateboarding video game franchise.  EA is going to release the game on Wii and DS as Skate It.  Interestingly, Skate It Wii will make use of the new balance board that's packaged with Wii Fit.  Sign me up.

Nintendo reclaims top spot in dev charts

Nintendo has reclaimed its crown as king of the dev charts according to this report. 

Viva Pinata for DS has a name

Viva Pinata for the DS will be subtitled Pocket Paradise.  The original title almost made me want to think about considering purchasing a 360 but then I came to my senses.  Luckily, Rare's upcoming DS version of Viva Pinata means I can continue to "make mine Nintendo."  VP: PP is scheduled for a fall release.

Manage a Convenience Store in new DS title

Combini DS is a Japanese title that allows the user to try his hand at managing a convenience store.  The game is set for a fall release in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mario Kart should be rated "M" for mature

Mario Kart may be the most violent video of the year.

Monday, May 12, 2008

First smashed TVs; now broken hearts?

A couple of articles here about the latest trend:  teens who feel traumatized because Wii Fit called them "fat."  lol.  I'm sorry but that's funny.  Of course, parents are "outraged."

Nintendo Channel launches

The other day my Wii's glowing blue light let me know something was up.  That something was the launch of the promised Nintendo Channel.  It allows you to use your Wii as a DS download station.  If that's not enough there are video reviews of new releases and vids of Shiggy!  There is a downside.  You tinfoil hatters may not like to hear that the channel wants to log your Wii usage and send the data to Nintendo.  Personally I don't have a prob with it and the channel is well worth the data exchange.  Your call.

Nintendo controller coffee table.

It's one thing to build a coffee table shaped like the original Nintendo controller.  But to build a coffee table shaped like the original Nintendo controller that actually works as a controller?  This man should never have to work again.

DS turned my kids into monsters: Some nut mom.

Some nut mom has written an article claiming that the Nintendo DS turned her kids into monsters.  She urges parents to stay away.  Glad she ain't my mom.

Send your DS to Japan and they'll pimp it for you

Check out these pics of blinged out DS's.  Having your DS covered in damn jewels will set you back about 10,000 yen or $100.  All the rage in Japan, I'm not sure how well this over-the-top styling would go over here but you have to admit that the Japanese know how to rock a DS.

Barf! Latest Wii knockoff looks like a pile of junk.

This latest Wii knockoff is so lame I don't even think it could fool a grandma.  Then again . . . .  Thanks China!

Wii prints enough cash to make Yamauchi the richest man in Japan

The Nintendo Wii's unprecedented success in the console space has vaulted former Nintendo chairman Yamauchi into top spot on Forbes' list of richest Japanese dudes.  

This guy doesn't even work there anymore and yet the Wii has made his wallet bulge.  He still owns 10% of the company.

There can't be anything better than being super rich in Japan.  Must be tough to hold onto all that cash.  I'd blow it all in one night in Shibuya.  

Boo hoo! THQ crying that Nintendo is crushing their business.

THQ is the latest company crying that they can't stand up to the Nintendo juggernaut.  They claim that Nintendo's first party titles are biting into their line up.  What do you want?  A subsidy?  

Guitar Hero DS for preorder

I was able to plunk a fiver on Guitar Hero DS at my local Toys R Us this weekend.  I suggest you do the same.  If you're on the fence I think the pics of the peripheral will change your mind.

Wii Strip

No joke; a pole dancing sim is being developed for everyone's favorite little white box. The game "may come with an interactive pole" according to a spokesman connected with the title. Wii Pole Dancing is designed as a fitness tool not stripping sim.  Pity.

Fritz landing on the DS

When I first read that the famed chess playing engine Fritz was coming to the DS I assumed it was a homebrew project but it looks like it's an official release.  Wow.  This is something I'll definitely be picking up.  I wonder if it'll allow worldwide online play with match ups by rating.  It's gotta be better than Chessmaster: The Art of Learning.

What happened?

My computer died.  Again.  This time by my own hand.  I killed it.  It's gone.  But now I'm rocking and rolling on a nice shiny new Mac and the blog is back on track!

Podcast IV on schedule for this weekend! 

Lamp made from Nintendo Zapper

A crafty girl has constructed a lamp made from a Nintendo Zapper.  I'd buy that for a dollar.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Grand Theft Kart

An immigrant coming from Europe to find the American Dream.  His heavy accent and blue collar stylings mean the only job he can find is as a manual laborer fixing people's pipes.  Looking to make his fortune he gives it all up for the rush of street racing.  With his heavily modified muscle car he has no compunction in running people off the road or even shooting at them.  Shells litter the roadway.

Grant Theft Auto?  No.  Mario Kart Wii.

This game is pure badass.  Haters need not read on.

Easily the best Kart since . . . Kart; the original SNES version of course.

The game is deep.  Tons of characters, more carts and bikes than you can shake a stick at, control options out the ying-yang, playing modes that'll make your head spin; all squeezed onto one disc of pure Shiggy Fan Love.

The addition of bikes is far and away the best add on to the game in years.  The bikes look and handle great.  Pulling a wheelie not only looks super cool but gives you a little speed boost when you most need one.  Of course, it's not all wine and roses because when you're up on one wheel you can't steer worth junk.  It just goes to demonstrate the perfect balance in the game.  I run a Standard Bike L almost exclusively.

Having the option to run bikes is fantastic but a close second has to be the new option to race as your Mii.  I don't think I've ever seen anything as wonderful as ME racing alongside Mario riding dirtbikes.

The online options are as smooth as silk!  No lag, no drop outs, 12 players from around the world at a time and you'll think you're playing in the same room.  

The single player modes are so deep that if you live in a cave without internet you'll still need this game.   Trying to come up with your best times on each track will take you hours alone.

Outstanding.  This is a must buy.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wii Mario Kart and Big Brain Academy

Hey hey folks,
Welcome to another episode of the Warped Zone.

Yeah it's been a while since i posted. I've been real busy with work so I havn't had much time to play games.
I did pickup Wii Mario Kart. That game is killer. Twelve characters dukin it out on some kickass surfaces and well lack of surfaces.
If you want a great single player game or group game, this is a total BUY. The new addition of the wheel is great. It takes a bit to get used to but as soon as you do get warmed up to it (which doesn't take a long time) it's pretty rad.
I still use Toad as my character and now i get to use a baby carriage to kick everybody's ass with and the whole morphing into a Bullet Bill and shooting across the track is my fave part. There are some new characters ie Waluigi. If you have been a fan of this franchise, or even if you never were, grab this game.

My brain has been feelin a bit dull lately, so i decided to grab Big Brain Academy. I put this game off for quite a while. I mean i had Brain age so i thought that was enough but i took the plunge and grabbed BBA. I'm so glad i did. I actually love this game better than Brain Age. From patterns to memory to computing and more, this game makes learning fun. You start off by going to the Academy school office and enrolling as a student. You enroll as your Mii character and then you're off.
I really enjoy the part where they show you a number of birds in cages and a number of empty cages. They toss a sheet over them and shuffle them. You have to guess where the birds end up.
At the end of the game your brain is measured.
Even if you hate school, buy this game. BBA really does make learning fun....If you have young kids, buy this game they'll love it. I know my niece and nephew did.

Anyway, that's it for now.
I'll see you all next time in the Warped Zone.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Podcast Episode III

Leave Luck to Us is proud to present Episode III of its podcast. A good solid hour of content including stories on the rumored successor to the DS, Nintendo's profitability, Wii add-ons, Virtual Console releases, Pikmin III, Nintendogs, Okami, and Mario Kart.

Sorry in advance for the noise on the recording. Also I sound like I'm recording from the bottom of a bucket. Oops. We'll get it right eventually but the content makes this 'cast well worth the d/l.

Help yourself. (Rapidshare/MP3/30MB)

Do you need a hand grabbing the file or would you like another link? Just let us know and we'll totally hook you up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NES console crammed into an NES cartridge

Here's a mod that demos how electronics can shrink over the years. French modder Kotomi took an NES on a chip and shoved it into a Super Mario Bros. cart. He did an amazing job too. The cart looks great with its switches and ports modded in. Nice Dremel work mon frere.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Diary Girl

Enjoy this review for Diary Girl from guest reviewer Suri:

Why it sucks:

1. You can only type 300 characters a day in an entry

2. The games it comes with to play are booorring i.e. match game
3. The other features are boring (a clock, calculator and paintmode)

It's kinda good cause you get to personalize the front of your diary and it has that wicked password to keep ratboys out
and the girl you design to look like you is kinda fun but you have to keep playing with all the other boorrrring features to unlock new outfits ..( and new games)

The actual journal part is the best cause you get to add 3 emoticons for each entry;
one is a smiley face depending how you feel that day, one is a weather icon and the other is
a reminder for that day. And you can flip back to any day by just going through the calendar and tapping on it. But 300 characters isnt enough. they should take away all the other stuff and just make it a diary. There's a chatroom too but your friends have to have the game to talk to them.

If Diary Girl would have space to hold all my secrets it would be a girl's dream.

I give Diary Girl a 4/10 on other websites but on Leave Luck to Us I'll mark it as a "Sell."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Megaman in Stained Glass

This Megaman stained glass window would be perfect in the cathedral of Nintendo: The Nintendo World Store at 30 Rock.

Unboxing the Super Famicom Wii controller

Now here's a controller the Vanilla Assassin is sure to approve of. A classic controller for the Wii based on the Super Famicom gamepad.

Legend of Zelda: $37.99

Nostaligic scan of a what I think is a page out of the Sears catalogue showing the original LOZ listed for a cool $37.99. The catalogue states that the NES's "two microchips" renders "true-to-life graphics."

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kojima disappointed with PS3 hardware

Looks like the PS3 hardware is already hitting brick walls. Kojima states he's disappointed in the hardware on which his masterpiece Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots is to appear. I guess he swallowed Sony's mumbo jumbo about the BS3 graphics capabilities:

"But when we actually started developing the game, we realized there were a lot of restrictions. I remember saying three years ago that we wanted to create something revolutionary, but in reality we couldn't really do that because of the CPU.

Wow, 2 years in and we're already hitting brick walls on the PS3? That was a short cycle. Good thing us Nintendo fans only worry about gameplay and not pretty pixels. How long until Kojima "retracts" his statements? I'm guessing as long as it takes the Sony suits to find his phone number.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Miyamoto Tribute Page

Gaze upon the pure majesty of this Shigeru Miyamoto tribute page.

Johnny Lee's Wiimote hacks

Johnny Lee draws several standing ovations at TED2008 for his Wii Remote hacks. Great stuff including using the controller as a whiteboard, touchscreen, and a head-mounted 3D viewer.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nintendo adds another skull to its belt of skulls

Has Nintendo killed Xbox 360 in Australia? Reports are that retailers there are considering dumping the console from their inventories because their consumers see no "value" in the 360 anymore. Besides, the little white box from Nintendo is generating more than enough profits to cover off.

The Golden Wheel

For reasons known only to themselves some gamers are apparently down on the Wii Wheel that will be included with the upcoming Mario Kart Wii. Some users are vowing to toss the new peripheral and instead take up their 'cube controllers. Nintendo CEO Saturo Iwata (Iwata-san to fellow Nintendites) has let it be known that those who try to master the wheel now have a reason to do so: wheel users will display a white wheel icon above their Miis in online games and those who have won enough matches will sport a golden wheel icon.

Miyamoto also had some thoughts on the wheel: "When someone using the GameCube controller gets passed by someone with the Wii Wheel icon, they’re really chagrined. When you can get a great time using the wheel, you’ve got a lot of bragging rights."

How Nintendo makes the video game industry look good.

Excellent article from c|net about Nintendo's stature in the video game biz. Bonus points for including a quote from Chicago White Sox backstop AJ Pierzynski about Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Podcast II: Electric Boogaloo

A week late but well worth the wait! Leave Luck To Us Podcast II: Electric Boogaloo. Technical problems prevented us from getting this online in time. And we lost the last six minutes of the 'cast somehow. Even without the ending this is a highly entertaining Nintendo radio show. This episode runs over an hour and includes segments on Goldeneye, Wii Fit, a special game by Vanilla Assassin, Reggie's big announcement, Wii shortages, Nintendo's financials, and so much more! Download this now because a winner is you! Check out our new pictures of our studio too!

Download the 30MB MP3 from RapidShare.


Introduction bumper by Vanilla Assassin
Engineering by Mars

Any problems grabbing the file, shoot us an e-mail and we'll be happy to send you a copy.

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

I wanted to have reviewed this game by now but I can't find it anywhere. Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection is harvesting a basketful of good reviews but the game is near impossible to find in the wild. Anyone have any luck in finding this title in a bricks and mortar store? I even had my sister down Stateside today and she came up empty handed.

Sam and Max coming to Wii!

I try not to do it but I had to use an exclamation point at the end of the above headline. Sam and Max has been announced for the Wii! Not sure if this title will be exclusive to the White Box but let's cross our fingers.

GameStop spent all its money on videogames. Nintendo ones.

According to this report, the majority of GameStop's purchasing power went to stocking its stores with fine Nintendo products.

You need an analyst to tell you this?

Analyst: Nintendo's Wii to outsell the XBox 360 and PS3 combined in 2008. Save your money next time and just ask us here at Leave Luck To Us. We would have been happy to let you into the loop for nothing.

Rumble Pak turns 11

The Rumble Pak, another Nintendo innovation to the world of video games (along with the D-Pad and thumbstick) turns 11 this year. IGN has an article on the "original mover and shaker, now a double digit midget." In related news, Sony is proud to announce that their new controller, the Dual Shock 3 now supports rumble. Congratulations Sony.

Wizard needs food badly! A new Gauntlet?

Gauntlet is being readied for everyone's favorite handheld. Gauntlet DS can be expected to drop around June 30th and is based on the original arcade classic.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Barnyard Blast Tip

Hey hey Nintendo Brothers and Sisters, boys and girls, cats and dogs...

So there seems to be some tech difficulties in Leave luck Land. So i thought i'd do what i do best in the meantime, act like a clown.

So Barnyard Blast. Here's a little tip for those of you who might be pissed off at the eyeball. Don't use your guns or dynamite. but rather use your whip. I kept trying the guns and it barely scratched it. The dynamite kept missing my target. But the whip takes it's energy down in chunks.

Thats about it for now.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Warped Zone by Vanilla Assassin

Hey, hey everyone,
Assassin here.

So for those of you who listen to the Podcast, have learned that i don't sell, trade or even throw away my games. I never have. But i have fallen victim to doing something far more disturbing.
You see i grow attached to my games and yes even to crap titles. Problem is i have lost a few games in the past. It's quite the disturbing feeling. I mean how am i supposed to cook chicken spring rolls without my cooking mama game. Yes i have lost my kitchen-in-a-pocket, which makes me somewhat sad. Also, I can't find Sea Monsters. Which i' m not losing much sleep over.

But the worst is the following; i lost Animal Crossing Wild World. It's in my room somewhere but i don't know where. Here's my setup. I sleep on a mat on the floor. Reason for this is so that nothing can pull me under my bed at night. Beside my head is a jacket with a soft interior where i rest my DS and a game or two. A couple of days ago my room was stone cold. Don't get me wrong, i love the cold but as i was crying from it's pain, my tears were rolling down my face in the form of cubes. I didn't know what to do, so in my dazed zombie state i reached for this jacket, in the dark and must have flung the game into who knows where. It could have very well bounced off the Burger Time Arcade beside my window.
So, i' m kind of bummed now. It's been a couple of days and i don't care which character moves out except for Mitzi. She's due for packing her boxes by now. So if I find my game and find that Mitzi has left....i' m officially calling it quits with Animal Crossing Wild World.

I'll keep you all updated on progress or lack there of in finding the cart.
That's about it for now.

If it ain't worth the dime, it ain't Nintendo.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Warped Zone by Vanilla Assassin

Hey, hey folks and welcome to another edition of The Warped Zone.
For those of you who know me, understand the warped part and it's also in reference to Super Mario Brothers.
I've recieved a few emails about my name, Vanilla Assassin. What does it mean? I was thinking of setting up a contest but i didn't because i don't have any prizes to give to the winner. So i'll just tell you what my name refers to. Super Mario World, Vanilla Dome. I've killed enemies there. So in my-style logic, i' m an assassin.

Now onto the meat and turnips.....

The Reggie man has said there will be a blockbuster announcement in the Nintendo world. What could this be? Will it be a new Zelda game? I doubt it. You don't want to release too may Zelda games too fast and create a bottleneck. You want the gamer to finish up the current game before feeding them a new one. Von Kaiser has mentioned a new Animal Crossing for the Wii or a totally new franchise. I know alot of AC'rs are dyin for a new version. The last AC was tossed at us back in 2005. We're due for a new one.

I recently purchased a copy of Barnyard Blast. What a great game. For those of you who are Catlevania fans, buy it. Great graphics, music, gameplay. Basically it's a parody of the Castlevania franchise. There are alot of funny spots in the game. Like when an evil minion from the castle makes known why they kidnapped your son. Apparently your offspring was caught tee peeing their castle. I kind of feel bad for the villains. their just teaching a bad seed, your son a lesson. If i caught somebody doing that to my house, i'd toss them into my dungeon. This game will totally quench your Castlevania thirst and hold you over for the next Vania.

Fatal Frame. This game promises to deliver on terrifying. This is what i want. Badly. Not since Pooyan has a game scared the Lego outta me. From what i saw of the game, it looks dark and eery. You have no weaponry except for the camera which you carry. You have to wait for the ghost to come real close to you and then ask him politely to say cheese. Cool part about this game is that you don't have to worry about red eye.
I saw a clip where you notice your sister's hand on your shoulder. The problem is, that your sister walks right past you and through a doorway, while this mystery hand slowly slips off of your shoulder. I'm definately gonna drop some cash onto this game.

Finally i'd like to say YAY. I finally purchased season four of Dragon Ball Z.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I've recently signed myself up at twitter.com. So i'm going to see how good that is. As of now, i feel restricted because of their word limit. But i don't know, some people say it's better than blogging while others like using both twitter and blogs. We'll see.

Talk to y'all later.
If it ain't worth the dime, it ain't Nintendo.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wii Remotes used in battlefield bomb disposal

The US military has integrated Wiimotes into it's Packbot bomb disposal bots. Operators can now operate the bot using the Wii Remote which New Scientist reports has allowed handlers to more intuitively navigate the bomb disposal unit. The rumble feature of the Remote is also used as a feedback system to warn the user of the proximity of an explosive.

Wii shortage continues

Wiis are still in short supply. Unbelievable when you remember that the Wii was released in 2006. The latest theory is that the Wii shortage is related to the recent weakening of the US dollar.

Colors, colors.

Looks like there may be some new DS colors hitting Europe around May Day. I think I just heard my wallet crying.

Nintendo putting the pressure on fansite to close

The Japanese gaming giant is putting the screws to Nintendo fansite "friendcodes.com" for infringing on its IP. The last thing I'd want in my inbox is "several e-mails" from NOA requesting that I cease and desist publishing my Nintendo fan page. Can't we all just get along? Link may not work if Nintendo is successful in shuttin' her down.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Act Raiser (Super Nintendo)

It's great see see one of my all time fave games released on the Virtual Console, Act Raiser.
This game is comprised of two aspects. Action and a sort of city simulation.

Your Character is a god. While in a long sleep your servant angel wakes you up and makes known that your civilization is in ruin. First of all, never wake a god from his sleep and secondly when he's climbing out of bed, real cranky-like, don't tell him that his civilization is in ruin.
Being a pissed off god you head down to your ruined civilization, posses an old statue and then go on the hunt killing monsters with your sword.
Once the action sequence is finished you get to build your civilization. Tell people where to build roads and farms..etc.

The graphics are great for it's time and the music is totally hot. Sounds symphonic (if that's a legit word). You know what I mean.

Act raiser has an old Contra Alien Wars mixed with Castlevania mixed with Civilizations feel to it.

Like i said earlier, this is one of my all time fave games. It's a definite buy from your Virtual console. it's probably one of the better games on there. You won't be disappointed. But that's just my opinion.

Commentary On Guitar Hero --By Vanilla Assassin

Hey hey folks.
Yeah, i know the following commentary is not going to be quite popular with all the readers and i'm probably going to get an inbox full of hate mail again. But hey, i love reading that stuff.

So what's the deal with Guitar Hero? Why the monster craze? The basic concept for those of you living under a pebble...the screen consists of a guitar with colored highlights. In your hand you hold a fake guitar and finger the colors you see on the tv with the matching colors on the guitar. If you do this properly you end up playing along with the tune blaring from your speakers.

Answer me this, do fans of this game actually think they're playing a real guitar, properly? I don't know. I think this game is a glorified "Simon" game, for those of you who remember that. A game where you sit around a little gadget with four sides with your friends. Each side lights up with it's own color in a different sequence each time you play. When the colors light up you hit that color. If you do that properly the game speads up. If Simon had blaring background music, you could have named it Guitar Hero.

Now the Hero is coming to the portable DS. There's a link below this article posted by Von Kaiser, which shows what the game will look like. This is basically a small gadget which slips into the DS snuggly and you finger the colours. At least this is what it looks like to me. Correct me if i'm wrong. A portable Simon. Not having played this game on the DS, i don't want to bash it too much, but with this version, you really don't feel like you're strumming a real guitar.

Having said this. I probably will purchase this game. Just because i want the add-on gadget.


Why so few posts month of March? Turns out that Von Kaiser's 'net connection fell apart for over a week. Also, we've been putting a lot of effort into podcasts Episode 1 and 2 (Episode 2 will be dropping next week.) But that's all behind us now. Keep an eye on the site or our feed for all your Nintendo news and reviews.

Curling DS coming to our shores?

I remember browsing Play-Asia last summer and spotting a game I really wanted to import. It was a curling game that I thought would meld very well with the DS's touchscreen. Eventually I decided against importing it because I thought the Japanese menus might present a problem. In retrospect, and after importing titles like M-06, I realize I was probably wrong in my assessment. The good news seems to be that the game is now coming to North America. Browsing through the ESRB's new rating lists you can find an entry for Curling DS by Ubisoft. I thought it was strange that a curling game would start its life in the Land of the Rising Sun anyway.

Guitar Hero DS: On Tour website launched

Guess I wasn't the only one confused about how the Guitar Hero DS: On Tour peripheral was supposed to be held and played. As expressed in our Podcast Episode 1, the pictures didn't fully explain how you were supposed to manage the mini fretboard that plugged into Slot 2 of the DS. Vicarious Visions came up with a brilliant website that features a 360 look at the setup that makes everything clear. The add on even features a holder for a guitar pick that's used on the touchscreen. This game is going to be a monster!

Wii Will Rock You!

Mark June 22nd on your calendars. That's the day Harmonix is set to drop Rock Band for the Wii. It won't feature downloadable songs or online play. But if you're anything like me you couldn't care less. I wasn't particularly interested in paying for new songs anyway. The white drum kit is bonus enough.

Why shovelware for the Wii is a good thing?

Another story from Wired. Wired discusses why shelves full of shovelware may actually be good for the Wii. I'd tend to agree personally.

Wired takes Wii Ware out for a spin

Nintendo recently launched Wii Ware which is a channel of original, downloadable content for the Wii. Some great looking titles are available through Wii Ware and Wired takes them for a spin.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Nintendo's rating cut from "Buy" to "Hold"

Had to post this one since we use the stock rating system in our reviews. Looks like some investors feel Nintendo has reached the saturation point and have downgraded Nintendo's stock from a "Buy" to a "Hold." I recall a similar concern a few months back but Wiis still keep selling out. Anyway, we'll see.

Leave Luck to Us Podcast Episode 1

Last night Vanilla Assassin and I, Von Kaiser, took to the mic and produced our first podcast for the site. We think it really turned out well and if you're a Nintendophile it's worth a download. Choose M4A (plays with iTunes or Quicktime) or MP3 (plays on anything else but it's double the size), download, throw it on your PC or DAP, get your cans on and bask in almost 40 minutes of Nintendo entertainment!

In this episode we riff on Super Smash Bros., Wii Fit, Korg 10, Mario Kart, Virtual Console, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Greenpeace Report, Guitar Hero: On Tour, and more!

As a bonus, check out the flickr set of our studio setup! A special thanks to Mars for engineering for us.

Download from Rapidshare:

M4A (17.2 MB)
MP3 (35.5 MB)

You only need one or the other. If you're running iTunes I recommend you grab the M4A file. Rapidshare requires you wait a couple of minutes and complete a CAPTCHA before you can download the file.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Onion editor doesn't like the Wii

What's with the hate for the Wii coming from the Onion? First it was funny but now it's getting mean. I guess when you're the king of the heap everyone wants a shot at you.

Guitar Hero DS: On Tour

I was moderately interested in this title when I first heard about it but now that I see that there's a crazy peripheral included in the box I'm all over it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zelda in Lego: I just peed a little

Here's a gent who creates 8 bit video game characters out of 8 stud Lego bricks.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Slot 2: It needs lovin' too!

If you're only playing DS games on your DS you're missing out on one of the largest gaming libraries on the planet. In the ultimate example of good will, Nintendo included Slot 2 on the DS for all your GBA games so don't ignore it any longer! Head out and start rummaging for some classic GBA action. Here's a baker's dozen of the cream of the cream (in no particular order):

  1. WarioWare Mega Microgame$
    Fast and frantic. Perfect gaming fare for the on-the-go gamer.
  2. Mario Kart: Super Circuit
    Sure, there's a Kart on the DS but Super Circuit is still worth owning. Where Mario Kart DS is closer to the N64 Kart experience, Super Circuit is closer to the SNES Kart game. One of the few titles on this list that is still available new at some retailers.
  3. Advance Wars
    This game makes owning a GBA worth it again even if you upgraded to a DS. Superglue this cart into a used GBA and you've got hours of strategery in a package that measures four square inches. It's really remarkable how well this title stands the test of time graphically and in terms of gameplay.
  4. Advance Wars II: Blackhole Rising
    More Advance Wars. The sequel to Advance Wars and the prequel to Advance Wars: Dual Strike.
  5. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with Four Swords Adventures
    For a long time, A Link to the Past was my favorite Zelda game. Released for the SNES it was ported pixel for pixel to the GBA. If you haven't played it before now's your chance. And on the bus! If you have played it before, you probably already bought it for the GBA like I did. Throw in Four Swords Adventures and this cart is a must for your library.
  6. Metroid Fusion
    A beautiful throwback to the 16 bit Metroid titles.
  7. Golden Sun
    If you like RPGs then Golden Sun is a must. It's absolutely huge and deeper than the Mariana Trench. Becoming rarer so if you spot it in the wild grab it without thinking.
  8. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
    It hurt not putting all of the Advance Mario World titles on the list but I wanted to keep it down to a manageable size. So I threw Super Mario Advance 2 on but let it be known that all the classic Super Mario World titles were published on GBA. Grab 'em all, but if you can only grab one, then you can't go wrong with Super Mario World.
  9. WarioWare Twisted!
    I recently picked this up at a bargain basement price and it's easily one of the funniest and most entertaining games I've played on any system. I brought it to work and I loved watching people play it. The oversized cart includes a motion sensor in it that lets you twist and turn your GBA (or, in this case, your DS) in order to complete one of hundreds of different microgames. Guaranteed laughs and only about $20. Some have called it the best GBA game ever released.
  10. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
    The classic RPG starring everyone's favorite plumbers.
  11. Fire Emblem
    The original cult classic that has since spawned several successors.
  12. Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
    Every Zelda is worth owning (think about that for a second) and The Minish Cap is no exception. Increasingly tough to find, The Minish Cap features a cute talking cap that shrinks Link down to pixel size. Once minimized, Link can explore an entire world within a world populated by tiny elves.
  13. Pokemon: Ruby/Sapphire
    Can't leave out Pokemon. If you wanna catch 'em all you can dig through Diamond and Pearl or you can go easy on yourself, catch a bagful in Ruby/Sapphire, and just import them into your DS cart. Bonus, you get to play another Pokemon title on the way to catching every single pocket monster.
Head on down to a thrift shop or check a garage sale and find those treasures!

If Mario was real. Mario rendered realistically.

The Super Real Mario Brother. You gotta see this, pores and everything.

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Female Duo Sets the Standard for Link Cosplay

"As far as Link cosplayers go, these two are easily the best we've come across."

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How Super Mario Bros Looks To Mario


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Foxtrot celebrates the release of Smash Bros Brawl!

The hilarious comic strip Foxtrot has released a comic about Smash Bros Brawl to celebrate it's launch in North America. Have you picked up the Brawl yet? If not, what are you waiting for!

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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Bible Game

Hey hey,
Vanilla here again.

Yes God likes his DS. I recently got my hands on a GBA title entitled "The Bible Game". This game is really simple. You run around on a map avoiding creatures like spiders and scorpions. With the help of random people on the map you have to track down "the Deceiver". Once you find him, you have to answer a series of Biblical questions. If you get a certain amount correct, you defeat the deceiver and move on. You have to find all six pieces of the armor of God to win.

This game is pretty cool if you're into Christianity. If you're not, i don't know how well you'll handle the questions.

I say BUY this game if you enjoy biblical related stuff. You can most probably find it at a low low price.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wii steamrolls the "competition"

This is getting ridiculous. The Wii is outselling the PS3 4-1 in Japan; the land of video games. And Nintendo makes cold hard cash on every box it sells. Super Smash Bros has already moved 1.33 million discs in Japan and has helped spur console sales. Looks like the little white box is going to continue to dominate this year and most likely for this entire generation! Better luck with the PS4 Sony. You're going to need it.

Mario Kart Wii Press Release

Nintendo UK posted a press release that gives us some new information on the upcoming Mario Kart Wii.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Now I don't want to go off on a rant but...

Honestly, I can't stand buying games at bricks and mortar stores. I prefer to buy them online from Amazon or eBay. Today I broke and bought a used game at EB Games.

I saw a copy of The Legend of the Zelda: The Minish Cap I checked my receipt and noticed the following line: "You saved 10.00 buying pre-Played!" What does that even mean? The Minish Cap went out of print like five years ago! Does this mean they still have new copies in stock? I could have bought it new in the box instead of just the cart? Or are they saving price lists from 1999 so that they can tell you how much you saved? That wouldn't make sense either though because wouldn't they have to adjust the prices to today's dollars?

Gimme a break EB. It's a used game. You gouged me on it. I know that. You know that. Let's not play around and pretend I saved all this cash because I bought used.

The Animal Crossing World Atlas

Hello Leave luck to us fans, and welcome to another one of my commentaries.

Some of you might be interested in the details of Animal Crossing outside of your own town. I'm about to try and explain to you my theory about the layout of the world of Animal Crossing Wild World.

Other Towns

- There are many towns in the world of Animal Crossing. This can be proved by leaving your own Town Gate and entering somebody else's town via wii fi or ds to ds connectivity. So assuming that Earth's population in February 2008 is approx 6.65 billion(correct me if this # is incorrect, i'm just taking an educated guess) then technically it is possible to make a Nintendo DS and an AC game for each person in the world, which would mean that there can be at least 6.65 billion towns in the world of Animal Crossing Wild World.

Are All These Different Towns Found On One Globe?

- No. Originally i thought Yes but i have since changed my thoughts on this. It would be virtually impossible to travel to a town on the other side of the globe in the alotted time. By foot or even by car.

I believe that each AC game cart contains one globe. While each of these globes are situated in a common space. Each of these globes are connected by a common thread or path or shall i say tunnel or like the geeks would describe as a worm hole of sorts. The entrance to this tunnel would be your gate. The tunnel appears to be in the form of a path with sky, earth, grass, trees, air. Your regular outdoors. If you open your gate, you can see a bit of path leading out. It is also real bright when you open your gate. This would mean that there is some sort of strong activity upon exiting your gate. Be it electrical or whatever. But this is only temporary since there is no overly bright energy when you're cabbing it to your town through this tunnel when you first begin playing AC.
Time in this tunnel works differently than in our real world. If i wanted to visit a town far away from mine it would take only moments.

Are the Gates The Only Route To Another Town?

-No. Technically yes. But if you were permitted to swim i believe that you could swim from town to town. This would mean that the ocean flows from a town through the tunnel mentioned earlier and into the next town. How else could you explain throwing a message bottle into the ocean and the same bottle ending up in somebody else's town.


-Now let's talk about the Boondox. Described as a town where the villagers eat dirt. The name Boondox probably originated from the words, Boon Docks. Boon Docks can be another name for Hinterlands, meaning the inland region behind a port. Boon Docks is a brush covered regionwhich is rural where it's citizens are considered "backward" people.
My theory is this. The town of Boondox was a port town at one time. This town was used to ship it's natural resources until these resources had been depleted and nothing was left for it's citizens. The Boondox must be an Island where it's citizens cannot leave. Swimming wouldn't be an option since the town is described as being located in the far North. Hypothermia would set in before you could even near a town. Or you would die of swimmer's fatigue. Since Boondox is described as being far North would mean that the ocean in our town would be situated to the North.
This would mean that the town Gate would be situated to the South.

The Big City

- The Big City that Tom Nook keeps talkin about must be set somewhere to the South of your town since North is the ocean, everyone's town sits on the same ocean horizontally or side by side means that the Big City can't be East or West. This leaves us with South and South West because......

Saharra The Camel

- Saharra claims she is from a far away country. We know turbins are a common piece of clothing in her country as described by her. Since she's a camel, i suspect her country is located in a hot region. My guess would be the Far South(South being hot). In our world the middle east has turbins and camels and is very hot. Therefore i theorize that Saharra's country is located in the South East. this would mean that tom nook's big city is located South or South West. A good estimate would be a comfortble South West.

In The End

- i hope to write more on this topic. But right now i'm super tired and want to post this thing. Remember this is only a theory of mine. I hope this article has excercised your imagination and you don't just think of Animal crossing as a little town with a couple of stores.
If you have other theories of your own surrounding this topic and have a chunk of time to waste, please share with us.

Until next time,