Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Animal Crossing World Atlas

Hello Leave luck to us fans, and welcome to another one of my commentaries.

Some of you might be interested in the details of Animal Crossing outside of your own town. I'm about to try and explain to you my theory about the layout of the world of Animal Crossing Wild World.

Other Towns

- There are many towns in the world of Animal Crossing. This can be proved by leaving your own Town Gate and entering somebody else's town via wii fi or ds to ds connectivity. So assuming that Earth's population in February 2008 is approx 6.65 billion(correct me if this # is incorrect, i'm just taking an educated guess) then technically it is possible to make a Nintendo DS and an AC game for each person in the world, which would mean that there can be at least 6.65 billion towns in the world of Animal Crossing Wild World.

Are All These Different Towns Found On One Globe?

- No. Originally i thought Yes but i have since changed my thoughts on this. It would be virtually impossible to travel to a town on the other side of the globe in the alotted time. By foot or even by car.

I believe that each AC game cart contains one globe. While each of these globes are situated in a common space. Each of these globes are connected by a common thread or path or shall i say tunnel or like the geeks would describe as a worm hole of sorts. The entrance to this tunnel would be your gate. The tunnel appears to be in the form of a path with sky, earth, grass, trees, air. Your regular outdoors. If you open your gate, you can see a bit of path leading out. It is also real bright when you open your gate. This would mean that there is some sort of strong activity upon exiting your gate. Be it electrical or whatever. But this is only temporary since there is no overly bright energy when you're cabbing it to your town through this tunnel when you first begin playing AC.
Time in this tunnel works differently than in our real world. If i wanted to visit a town far away from mine it would take only moments.

Are the Gates The Only Route To Another Town?

-No. Technically yes. But if you were permitted to swim i believe that you could swim from town to town. This would mean that the ocean flows from a town through the tunnel mentioned earlier and into the next town. How else could you explain throwing a message bottle into the ocean and the same bottle ending up in somebody else's town.


-Now let's talk about the Boondox. Described as a town where the villagers eat dirt. The name Boondox probably originated from the words, Boon Docks. Boon Docks can be another name for Hinterlands, meaning the inland region behind a port. Boon Docks is a brush covered regionwhich is rural where it's citizens are considered "backward" people.
My theory is this. The town of Boondox was a port town at one time. This town was used to ship it's natural resources until these resources had been depleted and nothing was left for it's citizens. The Boondox must be an Island where it's citizens cannot leave. Swimming wouldn't be an option since the town is described as being located in the far North. Hypothermia would set in before you could even near a town. Or you would die of swimmer's fatigue. Since Boondox is described as being far North would mean that the ocean in our town would be situated to the North.
This would mean that the town Gate would be situated to the South.

The Big City

- The Big City that Tom Nook keeps talkin about must be set somewhere to the South of your town since North is the ocean, everyone's town sits on the same ocean horizontally or side by side means that the Big City can't be East or West. This leaves us with South and South West because......

Saharra The Camel

- Saharra claims she is from a far away country. We know turbins are a common piece of clothing in her country as described by her. Since she's a camel, i suspect her country is located in a hot region. My guess would be the Far South(South being hot). In our world the middle east has turbins and camels and is very hot. Therefore i theorize that Saharra's country is located in the South East. this would mean that tom nook's big city is located South or South West. A good estimate would be a comfortble South West.

In The End

- i hope to write more on this topic. But right now i'm super tired and want to post this thing. Remember this is only a theory of mine. I hope this article has excercised your imagination and you don't just think of Animal crossing as a little town with a couple of stores.
If you have other theories of your own surrounding this topic and have a chunk of time to waste, please share with us.

Until next time,


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