Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Problems With Time Travel In Animal Crossing Wild World

For all you Nibblets who like to cheat in the game Animal Crossing Wild World by way of time travel. A friend of mine online has provided me with the dangers of doing such an idiotic maneuver. Reminds me of sonyfanboys.

Problem #1 All turnips will rot.
Problem #2 The following Sunday Joan won't sell ya any red turnip seeds.
Problem #3 Playstation 3 and XBox suck.
Problem #4 Some of the tasks in the game will never be able to be completed. For example if there's a lost kitten in your town and you time travel, the kitten will be lost for good (vanish). The town where the mom cat is, is where mom will remain. Looking for her baby for all of eternity.Crying, praying for the safe return of her kitten to no avail. All that crying, what a racket.
Problem #5 Tom Nook won't give you more than 99 bells a day for turnips.

So be forewarned by your friendly neighbourhood Assassin. Keep me in mind if you're thinking about cheating. Your ying and yang or whatever won't balance out. Everything bad gets punished somehow.


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