Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Nintendo, Best Console ever? NAH!

There are those who say that the Super Nintendo was the best console ever made. I disagree. In general I say who gives a damn about graphics when pure fun eminates from a game. Yes Super Nint had the fun factor goin on and it also had the graphics part which was a bonus. SO since Snes had the fun factor and the graphics i have to start factoring in the aesthetics. This is where the Snes bombed. The console looked boring. Blue and grey? or was it blue and white? Or was it of a purple hue? All i know is it was boring looking. This is where my choice for best console beats the SNES.

Back before gamers had no idea what a snes was i imported a console by the name of Super Famicom. The Japanese older, better looking twin brother of the SNES.
What an elegant clown on "e" is to a depressed goth poet is what the Famicom was to the Super Nintendo.
Grey, white, yellow, red, blue, green. The famicom had colours coming out of it's AC jack.
The carts weren't a boring old rectangle shape but rather a sleek, slightly curved rectangle. I guess it wouldn't be a rectangle anymore.
The one problem i had with the Fami was that the cord on the controller was only like a couple of feet long. So you didn't have much room to yank at the cord when something bit Mario's ass.
The box which the sytem came in was also aesthetically better looking than the Snes box. Simple yet colourful.
At this moment i'm writing with a terrible cold. My head feels like it's going to explode, so i have no idea how to conclude this article. I guess i'll just say that my pick for best console ever is the Nintendo Famicom.

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