Friday, February 22, 2008

Animal Crossing's Wishy the Star

Okay, so for all you Animal Crossing Wild World fans.
I've run into a number of people who don't know about Wishy the Star.
Talk about Make a Wish Foundation. This plan beats it hands down. This is a great way to get free presents. I don't know the time frame but in my experience approxiametly 12:30am- 1:30am-ish. Last day this happened was Friday in the A.M. There's a curious sound while a star streaks across the sky. That little freak is Wishy. This all happens pretty damn fast. When you do notice this, with your stylus tap your character. I always poke around his forehead. You have to do this before the star disappears. You know you have accomplished making-a-wish if you see your character bow his/her head and fold his hands together, almost like praying.
Then, the next time mail comes, you'll have received a letter packed with a present from Wishy....

"To the wisher, Rev,
I heard a small voice call
to me one lonely night. It
made me I will
grant your wish! *
From Wishy the Star"

SO yeah, if you want to get free presents and make a star happy,try this. I usually see the star streak at least 4 times at a few minutes intervals. I've received presents such as Dracaenas, fine painting, and a few other things.
Try it and have fun.

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