Friday, February 1, 2008

Dr Kawashima. He sounds like a Dick to me.

This morning when I woke up. For some strange reason I had to kick my Virtual Boy aside. Why was it in my bed? Anyway I loaded up "Leave Luck To Us" as i do every morning to get my morning dose of Nintendo news. To my surprise I read an article about Dr Kawashima(Brain Age Fame) and how he hasn't made a dime off of his game. How un-greedy of him, I thought. Or was I wrong to think that?
On the surface Dr K not collecting a single Yen off of the game that he had created and donating chunks of coin to research labs, seems all "sunshine and flowers". But if you peel away all that nice stuff you can take a closer look and you might view him as a bit of a dick.
Dr K makes around $100,000.00 a year. Which is fine. But he proclaims that he's a workaholic. His work apparently is his hobby. The article makes it seem as though he's constantly working. How much time does he contribute to his family life? He doesn't let his kids play video games all week, which is fine. Let them keep up with studies. But on the weekend only one hour of console play allowed for his kids? Come on Dr K. You make your kids study like fiends through the week and at the end of the week only one hour? Show some mercy, like an hour and half.
One time when his kids went overtime during gameplay, he broke the disc? In the words of Qbert, UG! I understand a dad breaking a kids game who constantly plays games and screws around not listening to his parents and ditching homework and that sorta thing. But these kids sound like studying machines. Come on, is an hour and ten seconds that bad?
Anyway, I'm glad Nintendo has the man around. He does good work but that's as far as i'll go in praising him.

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Von Kaiser said...

I just saw this headline in the right pane and I lolled. "He sounds like dick to me." hahahaha. I love it.