Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nintendo: Like a rock

C|net included the Gameboy in its list of bombproof gadgets. I agree the original Gameboy was built like a tank. Mine went through a lot of abuse but kept on ticking until the LCD screen started to bleed. Columns would turn black starting from the outside in. After a while I couldn't even see what was happening on the screen. The end came after an unsuccessful autopsy. I used to love taking apart electronics when I was a kid.

Anyhow, I remember during my visit to the Nintendo World Store at 30 Rock seeing this display of a Gameboy that survived a bomb blast during Gulf Storm I. And yes, it still played! (Photo Credit: Spike55151)

Okay, so the Gameboy was a monster but I'll say this for the DS; it may not feel as solidly built as the GB but I've somehow managed to drop my DS far more often than I ever did my GB and my DS has come through scratchless!

Anyone else have a story about the durability of Nintendo's products?

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