Friday, March 21, 2008

Leave Luck to Us Podcast Episode 1

Last night Vanilla Assassin and I, Von Kaiser, took to the mic and produced our first podcast for the site. We think it really turned out well and if you're a Nintendophile it's worth a download. Choose M4A (plays with iTunes or Quicktime) or MP3 (plays on anything else but it's double the size), download, throw it on your PC or DAP, get your cans on and bask in almost 40 minutes of Nintendo entertainment!

In this episode we riff on Super Smash Bros., Wii Fit, Korg 10, Mario Kart, Virtual Console, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Greenpeace Report, Guitar Hero: On Tour, and more!

As a bonus, check out the flickr set of our studio setup! A special thanks to Mars for engineering for us.

Download from Rapidshare:

M4A (17.2 MB)
MP3 (35.5 MB)

You only need one or the other. If you're running iTunes I recommend you grab the M4A file. Rapidshare requires you wait a couple of minutes and complete a CAPTCHA before you can download the file.

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