Saturday, March 15, 2008

Slot 2: It needs lovin' too!

If you're only playing DS games on your DS you're missing out on one of the largest gaming libraries on the planet. In the ultimate example of good will, Nintendo included Slot 2 on the DS for all your GBA games so don't ignore it any longer! Head out and start rummaging for some classic GBA action. Here's a baker's dozen of the cream of the cream (in no particular order):

  1. WarioWare Mega Microgame$
    Fast and frantic. Perfect gaming fare for the on-the-go gamer.
  2. Mario Kart: Super Circuit
    Sure, there's a Kart on the DS but Super Circuit is still worth owning. Where Mario Kart DS is closer to the N64 Kart experience, Super Circuit is closer to the SNES Kart game. One of the few titles on this list that is still available new at some retailers.
  3. Advance Wars
    This game makes owning a GBA worth it again even if you upgraded to a DS. Superglue this cart into a used GBA and you've got hours of strategery in a package that measures four square inches. It's really remarkable how well this title stands the test of time graphically and in terms of gameplay.
  4. Advance Wars II: Blackhole Rising
    More Advance Wars. The sequel to Advance Wars and the prequel to Advance Wars: Dual Strike.
  5. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with Four Swords Adventures
    For a long time, A Link to the Past was my favorite Zelda game. Released for the SNES it was ported pixel for pixel to the GBA. If you haven't played it before now's your chance. And on the bus! If you have played it before, you probably already bought it for the GBA like I did. Throw in Four Swords Adventures and this cart is a must for your library.
  6. Metroid Fusion
    A beautiful throwback to the 16 bit Metroid titles.
  7. Golden Sun
    If you like RPGs then Golden Sun is a must. It's absolutely huge and deeper than the Mariana Trench. Becoming rarer so if you spot it in the wild grab it without thinking.
  8. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
    It hurt not putting all of the Advance Mario World titles on the list but I wanted to keep it down to a manageable size. So I threw Super Mario Advance 2 on but let it be known that all the classic Super Mario World titles were published on GBA. Grab 'em all, but if you can only grab one, then you can't go wrong with Super Mario World.
  9. WarioWare Twisted!
    I recently picked this up at a bargain basement price and it's easily one of the funniest and most entertaining games I've played on any system. I brought it to work and I loved watching people play it. The oversized cart includes a motion sensor in it that lets you twist and turn your GBA (or, in this case, your DS) in order to complete one of hundreds of different microgames. Guaranteed laughs and only about $20. Some have called it the best GBA game ever released.
  10. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
    The classic RPG starring everyone's favorite plumbers.
  11. Fire Emblem
    The original cult classic that has since spawned several successors.
  12. Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
    Every Zelda is worth owning (think about that for a second) and The Minish Cap is no exception. Increasingly tough to find, The Minish Cap features a cute talking cap that shrinks Link down to pixel size. Once minimized, Link can explore an entire world within a world populated by tiny elves.
  13. Pokemon: Ruby/Sapphire
    Can't leave out Pokemon. If you wanna catch 'em all you can dig through Diamond and Pearl or you can go easy on yourself, catch a bagful in Ruby/Sapphire, and just import them into your DS cart. Bonus, you get to play another Pokemon title on the way to catching every single pocket monster.
Head on down to a thrift shop or check a garage sale and find those treasures!

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