Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Commentary On Guitar Hero --By Vanilla Assassin

Hey hey folks.
Yeah, i know the following commentary is not going to be quite popular with all the readers and i'm probably going to get an inbox full of hate mail again. But hey, i love reading that stuff.

So what's the deal with Guitar Hero? Why the monster craze? The basic concept for those of you living under a pebble...the screen consists of a guitar with colored highlights. In your hand you hold a fake guitar and finger the colors you see on the tv with the matching colors on the guitar. If you do this properly you end up playing along with the tune blaring from your speakers.

Answer me this, do fans of this game actually think they're playing a real guitar, properly? I don't know. I think this game is a glorified "Simon" game, for those of you who remember that. A game where you sit around a little gadget with four sides with your friends. Each side lights up with it's own color in a different sequence each time you play. When the colors light up you hit that color. If you do that properly the game speads up. If Simon had blaring background music, you could have named it Guitar Hero.

Now the Hero is coming to the portable DS. There's a link below this article posted by Von Kaiser, which shows what the game will look like. This is basically a small gadget which slips into the DS snuggly and you finger the colours. At least this is what it looks like to me. Correct me if i'm wrong. A portable Simon. Not having played this game on the DS, i don't want to bash it too much, but with this version, you really don't feel like you're strumming a real guitar.

Having said this. I probably will purchase this game. Just because i want the add-on gadget.

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