Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fatal Frame Update and Furu Furu Park Commentary

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So for those of you who listen to the PODcast know that i'm itching for the Wii Fatal Frame. I found out a while back but didn't post right away that Producer Keisuke Kikuchi has said that the Wii remote and FF are a perfect fit. Wow, what do i do now?? This sucks cause i'm even more excited about it. I should go to Japan this summer and grab a copy. Then again, i guess i can wait a few more months. I have also heard rumors that Nintendo has purchased the license to FF. I hope that's true!

I recently got my hands on Furu Furu Park for the Wii. I barely even cracked it open but i will. Furu Furu Park is loaded with 30 mini games ie bubble bobble, Arkanoid...etc. There's a puzzle game in there which indicated 3 different modes which i can't remember. I believe it was expert, something else(maybe normal), and the mode i thought was funny was called "Girl". I don't have it with me right now, so that's why i'm bein so vague.

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