Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speed Racer: The Video Game

If you're an F-Zero fan, you'll love Speed Racer. Not since F-Zero for the Snes have I played a racing game which feels new and fresh. This game is bad............ASS that is. Fun oozes from the veins of this game and the graphics are real good. This game is a cross between F-Z and something new. It's fast paced and deadly. The control is quite intuitive. For example to steer you hold your Wii Remote sideways and to turn right you tilt it right and tilt it left if you want to go left.
The game is smooth and nice. Your opponents love trash talking you and you can also try to make allies before each match. Some will decline and some will accept and there are plenty of new characters to unlock. If you do make allies they will make sure they don't do any deadly car-fu moves on you, but they will still try and beat you.
You can jump, slide, barrel roll and do al kinds of kick-in fighting moves on your opponents. If you do happen to attack your allies during their slip stream maneuver, they will break your alliance and you will be penalized.

This game is serious fun and looks reaaaal good. If it had multiplayer online matches like Mario Kart has, I would without a second thought shout from the rooftops that Speed Racer is way better than Mario kart.

This is a definite buy for all you racing fanatics out there.

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