Friday, April 18, 2008

Kojima disappointed with PS3 hardware

Looks like the PS3 hardware is already hitting brick walls. Kojima states he's disappointed in the hardware on which his masterpiece Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots is to appear. I guess he swallowed Sony's mumbo jumbo about the BS3 graphics capabilities:

"But when we actually started developing the game, we realized there were a lot of restrictions. I remember saying three years ago that we wanted to create something revolutionary, but in reality we couldn't really do that because of the CPU.

Wow, 2 years in and we're already hitting brick walls on the PS3? That was a short cycle. Good thing us Nintendo fans only worry about gameplay and not pretty pixels. How long until Kojima "retracts" his statements? I'm guessing as long as it takes the Sony suits to find his phone number.

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Anonymous said...

haHA, what have i been preaching. What will it take for me to get through to the Great Mass of Brainwashed. Even a dog has the common sense not to play with puke.

Good post.