Sunday, April 20, 2008

Diary Girl

Enjoy this review for Diary Girl from guest reviewer Suri:

Why it sucks:

1. You can only type 300 characters a day in an entry

2. The games it comes with to play are booorring i.e. match game
3. The other features are boring (a clock, calculator and paintmode)

It's kinda good cause you get to personalize the front of your diary and it has that wicked password to keep ratboys out
and the girl you design to look like you is kinda fun but you have to keep playing with all the other boorrrring features to unlock new outfits ..( and new games)

The actual journal part is the best cause you get to add 3 emoticons for each entry;
one is a smiley face depending how you feel that day, one is a weather icon and the other is
a reminder for that day. And you can flip back to any day by just going through the calendar and tapping on it. But 300 characters isnt enough. they should take away all the other stuff and just make it a diary. There's a chatroom too but your friends have to have the game to talk to them.

If Diary Girl would have space to hold all my secrets it would be a girl's dream.

I give Diary Girl a 4/10 on other websites but on Leave Luck to Us I'll mark it as a "Sell."

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