Monday, July 18, 2022

Session 8 July 9

The session begins in the southeast room with the gator attacking Vanilla again but only manages to tear his clothing some more.  Romulus is still in the pit.  Luna is at the doorway.  Vanilla reveals he has four silver platters.

The party decides to try to lure the gator out the hallway and over the trap.  They go into the hallway and spark their flint and steel to attract it.  It works!  The gator runs through the door and triggers the trap.  It falls into the trap and dies.  They go back into the room and search the bone nest.  They find bones of all shapes and sizes including human leg bones belonging to failed adventurers.  They find three gator eggs that they distribute among themselves and a solid gold egg.  Assassin gives Luna her cloak back and has the party help carry the silver platters.  Assassin chooses a sturdy leg bone (presumably human?)  from the nest to use as a weapon.  They go back down the hallway to see Broam again. 

Broam asks the party to leave the Shrine.  They go into Broam’s throne room and volunteer that they killed the blue gator.  Broam reacted strongly but without any clue as to whether he was happy or angry and the session ended.

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