Saturday, December 15, 2007


Hey, hey Nintendo fanatics...
Vanilla Assassin here,

Included in my top 10 games ever would be Super Nintendo’s, “Pocky and Rocky 2”. I’ve always wondered what happened to Pocky and Rocky after their fighting adventures. I know they did some fighting for the GAMEBOY ADVANCE, but then what?

Since playing Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS, I think I found Rocky. I could be wrong but I think that he changed his name to Tom and opened up a store. He’s now living the quiet and peaceful and sneaky merchant life in Animal Crossing.

The similarities between Tom and Rocky could be that they’re both raccoons. BUT! Take a closer look….if you have to fight giant trolls and ghostly babies and other such fantastic creatures, as Rocky did in his adventures, you have to be tough and angry. Tom Nook seems tough and angry to me at times.
Although Tom Nook may seem to be a rip off merchant, I do get the sense that he wants to see you succeed.

In the Pocky and Rocky adventures, Rocky was quite loyal and helpful to Pocky.
Finally, what is the logo that Tom Nook uses for his store? It’s a leaf with a piece cut out of it’s side. In the Pocky and Rocky adventures, what was Rocky’s favourite weapon? A leaf which he tossed at enemies, inflicting certain death.

So I rest my case for now. Rocky and Tom Nook could very well be the same raccoon. Or, if not the same raccoon, then they could very well be related.

If you have any clues which support or disprove my claim, please post here. I’d love to read what you think.

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Von Kaiser said...

You just blew my mind. Serious.