Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NBA Live 08

Hello all.
For the last few years I’ve had to listen to how awesome Xbox is and how awesome Play Station is.
Let me tell you something Jr. Watching a realistic drop of sweat roll down an athlete’s face in a video game, doesn’t make those systems awesome. Fine, a realistic droplet of sweat might be good as a pop for a few moments, but not for the long term.
I find that when “Nintendo-ITES” back an Xbox slave or a play station drone into a corner they try defending their system by saying how great the graphics are. Let me learn you something, Jack….graphics ain’t shit if the whole package isn’t there. You don‘t hook up with someone long term solely on good looks. If you do, you’re probably a shallow person.
NBA 08 for the Wii has good graphics. They may not be super duper but they are good. They are advanced enough. Mix in the “funness” that the Wii controls bring to this game and you have a Wii version of NBA 08 that’s great. I’m not a huge basketball fan but I found myself playing this game all night and I would have loved to play more if my eyes weren’t tired as hell. The soundtrack which includes Timbaland’s “The way I are” fits great. The game is pure fun. Passing, Especially when you have a buddy playing with you.
If you own a Wii, and are a basketball fan, or if you like sports games in general grab this game.


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