Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Hood episode 3 Peachee Menace

Last time on The Hood....

Rev's innocent idea to invite a neighbour may have become a catastrophic mistake. Suri and Biff visited the Hood. But once they left, Rev found that his townman "Chief the fox" was swooning over Suri. At one point looked up to the sky and beautiful hearts floated out of his head after mentioning Suri's name.
Call it a coincidence, but after Suri left, Victoria the Horse packed up her things and left for Peachee. Rev could not change her mind into staying.

Knocking on his friend "Bill the Duck's" door, Rev noticed Bills boxes were packed up. After throwing up in the patch of pansies, Rev asked Bill why he's leaving. Bill replied that he had alot of fun in the Hood but his training has taken him to the next level and he has to leave. BUT! Suddenly to his fright, Bill realizes that he had lost his passport and decides to cut the conversation short.

Pango, the Hood's newest citizen from Juniper, shares a note with Rev. It was from Biff. But Pango tells Rev that unless a note is like a charging bull or fully action packed, then notes are useless.

After reading a note from Rev, Mitzi decides to confront her admirer about it. She explains to Rev that writing her notes that she can't understand, makes her sad. In an angry fit Rev picked up his rod and went fishing. Slamming the door behind him, pondering what Mitzi had told him.

Tune in next time for the next episode of the Hood

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