Monday, December 3, 2007

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Does this game even need a review. No. No it doesn't. You want a review anyway? Fine: Zelda. Buy. Now.

Since it's Zelda though, I guess I don't mind writing something further. I guess it's like how I bought the Ultimate Collector's Strategy Guide. I don't need it, I already know everything in it but I like to look at it and think of Zelda.

Basically, the game is as near perfect as you're going to get regardless of system. The puzzles, artwork, and music in the game are absolutely beautiful.

The game picks up right where Wind Waker left off and even includes a little prologue recapping the events of that game just to get you back up to speed on what's happening.

The controls fit the game very well. Just one tip though about the sometimes hard to perform running roll: instead of drawing a circle at the screen's edge as the game instructs, instead draw a line to the edge of the screen and quickly swipe back and forth. Doing this will perform the roll everytime without fail.

There is a capture the flag style multi-player game included so there's something to do after you beat the single player story.

Strong buy.

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Unknown said...

my friend caleb already beat the ugly outta this game