Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Hood Episode 2

Sorry about the lack of regular game reviews. I'm just totally hooked to Animal Crossing. Without any further stalling.......

Last time on "The Hood"

Rev can't make heads or tails of Mitzi's feelings. Rev's gut feeling tells him that Mitzi might be sweet on Jeremiah. This won't pose much of a problem because Rev swares that Jeremiah is pink. On a few separate occassions Jeremiah has made slight advances towards Rev. Asking him which side of his face looks best and then commenting on Rev's face. Or when Jeremiah told Rev that he likes him but then quickly changed topics "I.....". On another occassion Jeremiah asks Rev what he's doing at his house so late.
But, you never know as Jeremiah and Mitzi are both in the same cookingclass and you know what they say "cooking makes people hungry". But why did Mitzi give Rev a picture of herself?

Rev is having difficulty paying off his next mortgage so he reorts to planting turnips which he purchased from old Joan.

Elvis, for no real reason just packed up his bags and left town. Which is no biggie as Rev didn't care much for Elvis. Also Victoria has threatened to leave. But Rev is doing everything in his power to keep her from she leaving? The only reason Rev can come up with is the time he went to Bill the Duck's house. Bill asked Rev if this 8ball shirt belongs to him.
But as Rev thought for a moment, he remembered that Victoria wears the 8ball shirt and when he confronted Victoria, she was actually wearing a different shirt.

Rev joined the fishing tourney on Sunday but came in second being beaten out by Chief.

Tune in Next time for More episodes of The Hood.


Unknown said...

oh man. howls. that's so typical elvis too. he totes did that to me.

Von Kaiser said...

lol. You know what they say "Cooking makes people hungry."

Love AC.