Monday, December 10, 2007

THE HOOD episode1 Courtesy of ANIMAL CROSSING

Previously on THE HOOD:

Rev cabs it over to a quaint town named THE HOOD. Here he was put up in a house owned by Tom Nook, the town shop owner. Moneyless, Rev was soon hired on by Tom to do odd jobs. Tired and taken advantage of by the sneaky raccoon, Rev soon dislikes Tom and when Tom asks Rev to make a sign for him, Rev posts a harsh note on the town bulletin board claiming Tom to be a slave driver and that Tom has beakfarts for sale which Tom has not gotten wind of.
Accomplishing all the tasks set out for him by Tom, Revbecomes aquainted with the town locals. He meets two townspeople "Mitzi" and "Opal" who seem to grow fond of him. Rev grows attached to Mitzi who in turn seems to have a thing for "Bill" her neighbour. While Opal tries to no avail to go out with Rev.
Rev decides to grow an orange orchard, goes on fishing expeditions and collects sea creatures washed up on the beach, finds a fossil worth over 4 grand and soon makes enough money to pay off his mortgage, unforeseen by Rev the sneaky Tom Nook decides to build an add on to Rev's house. After a few moments of a yes and no game, Rev is pressured into having this addition built and both parties agree on a Hot Pink roof.
Among the before mentioned townsfolk are Jeremiah and Chief. Chief seems to be mysterious and wants nothing to do with a friendship with Rev. A sneaky crook named Red, has also set up camp in The Hood. He claims to be a merchant but Rev soon realises that Red's products are Hot.
Stay tuned for Episode 2 of THE HOOD!

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