Monday, December 3, 2007

Master of Illusion

Hahahaha. I love this game. I actually imported the Japanese version of this game "Magic Taizen" about a year ago through Play-Asia. It was cheap and I wanted the deck of cards the game came with. I figured that the Ace of Spaces with Nintendo on the front would make a cool convo piece considering that Nintendo started as a manufacturer of playing cards back in the 1800s. I couldn't make heads or tails of the gameplay so I put it away.

I would have bet money that this would never be released here but it was. Now that I have it and get to play it I love it. It's a magic kit that uses the DS as a prop to perform tricks.

I brought this game with me the other day and showed it to some friends. What a hit. People love magic and some of these tricks are really surprising.

Please, don't buy this game. I want to be the only person to have this game. If you buy it you will learn how to do the tricks too and I would hate that. I want it all for myself.

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