Monday, December 10, 2007

Animal Crossing Wild World Nintendo DS

Hey there, Vanilla Assassin here,

I know, many of you have already played this game but there are many of those who havn't.

I have always meant to pickup "Animal Crossing Wild World" for the DS but i never got around to it.

I finally gave in on the weekend and picked up a copy.

What do i think of this game? I think that it's one of the best damn games i have ever played. Not since the hay day of Civilization have i been so addicted to a game.

The premise is simple. You arrive at your town via a taxi cab and are shown to your home, owned by the sneaky shop keeper, Tom Nook. You must pay a mortgage to Tom. That’s really about it. Basically, it's a life simulation game.
To make money you can do things like collect items such as sea shells or oranges or go fishing and catch fish etc and sell these items to Tom Nook. You can also do jobs for the villagers.
During the game you can buy accessories and decorate your house or design your own clothing.
You can also leave your town and visit your friend’s towns via wireless. The game uses your DS's onboard clock to keep track of real time. Therefore if it's december 1, 2007 2:02pm in real life then it's December 1, 2007 2:02pm in the game.
Although the game sounds simple. There are so many different things you can do that will keep you coming back for more.
This game is highly addictive. I’ve been playing it non stop. If you’re looking for a totally fun game for your DS, don’t hesitate to Buy Animal Crossing Wild World.
Move over archaic idea of virtual reality. Animal Crossing is here!
Buy Buy Buy!

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