Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007 Video Game Awards

What do you get when you mix together nerds, rockers, Hollywood, hippies, and 1-800-XXX staff members into an auditorium? A total waste of my time.
Did anybody watch the 2007 Video Game Awards about a week ago? I could barely even get through half of the show. The show was awful. All the presenters seemed so fake. As if they were forced to be there. I know that the show was supposed to be “cool” but the vibe I got off the show was low budget, the look of the show seemed low budget. To me it seemed like a really bad Canadian skit type show. I found it funny how the rockers and Hollywood members were supposed to add "coolness" to the show and then really nerdy winners trying to be all "hip"went up to accept the really awful award.
By the way, what was the award? Was it a monkey with a cigar in it’s mouth?
If you want to make the award show something “good”, give the winners a real award. I’d be happier accepting a used urinal.
Samuel L Jackson’s slight jab at Miyamoto was pretty lame. He was wondering if Miyamoto was smoking something when he conjured up the idea about a plumber flying around in space. I’d like to ask Jackson how many happy pills he was on when he accepted the role in the movie, “Snakes on a plane”.
Anyway, to make this article short…I thought the Video Game Award show, was utterly crap.

Seeya next time.

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