Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Didn't I just review this? Surely I did. Oh, that was for the DS version of course. This is a review for the Wii game. I just grabbed this one for under $30 and I wanted to assure fans of this title on the DS that the Wii game is well worth adding to your library too.

In fact, I prefer it. If you read my DS review you'll see that I felt the controls were lacking a bit. With the Wii you can now plug in a Classic Controller and use the dual analog sticks for the full experience. Also this version includes the space warping effects that were left out of the DS cart. Even better, I can connect my DS to my Wii and unlock that last DS level and I can play two player; versus or co-op.

I played it on a 70" television and the experience was mind blowing.

This definitely rates a buy. If you can only afford one version of Galaxies grab the Wii one. It offers better value for your money and it's worth it just for the smoother control scheme.

(I just want to remind everyone that this is Geometry Wars: Galaxies. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved was the title of the original XBLA game and it's included as a bonus on this disc. Galaxies is an entirely new title. It includes levels organized by galaxy and planet, an upgradeable drone, and geom collection. Whereas Retro Evolved was a little $5 game, Galaxies is a fully-featured and deep SHMUP well worth its list price.)

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