Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gamecube is alive and well and living in the Persian Gulf

Right now is tough time to be a Nintendo fan. Tough on the wallet that is. If you find your gaming dollar stretched as thin as Uncle Scrooge's boxer shorts then I've got a hot tip for you: the Gamecube section of your local gaming shop holds a loadful of treasures for you. Right now is the time to stock up on any Gamecube titles you may have missed the first time around. If you're new to the Nintendo universe you may not even be aware that the Wii is backward compatible with the Gamecube. Just slip any 'Cube title into your Wii and you're ready to play. If you didn't have a 'Cube you're going to need to pick up a controller for the system but you'll be able to find one in the used bin for just a few dollars.

I've compiled a list of bargain 'Cube titles that you'll want to keep an eye open for.

1. Resident Evil 4. Hailed as the best horror survival game ever made and only for Gamecube. Just spotted this one for $19.99
2. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Currently available for around $25
3. Beyond Good and Evil. Hard to find and you might end up paying a little more than you would have at launch because of its popularity among those in the know. If you do see one at a junk or thrift shop grab it!
4. Animal Crossing. Chances are slim you'll find one complete with the AC themed memory card but that's okay. You don't need it to play the game and this is another title I've found for only $19.99
5. Soulcalibur II. A common find in the used section and an incredible value for a fighting game.
6. Tony Hawk's Underground. Stacks of these available for less than $15.
7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour. 2003 was the best year for this title and I found it for under $10!
8. NHL 2006. I found a copy for under $5 at a used record store. Great title at a great price.
9. Crazy Taxi. Super fun for about a sawbuck.
10. Metroid Prime. If you missed out on this or Echoes now is the time to buy. Piles of them for around $20 out there.

So hit your used record shops and check the used section at your game shop and pick up some great 'Cube bargains before they're gone.

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