Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Harvest Moon & Some Animal Crossing

Vanilla Assassin here once again. Welcome to another edition of my HIT LIST. There are loads of games out there for people to choose from. Many are good but there are quite a few which suck. That's why i like this site. Myself and the other authors try to give it to you straight up, No beating around the bush with eights and sevens out of ten style reviews. Really, what exactly does a seven out of ten mean? I've seen people rate games as 7.5/10 and raving about the game. I always thought a 7.5/10 means its pretty mediocre and not worth the buy. At Leave Luck To Us, we tell you if it's worth your dime or not. PERIOD. The viewer isn't left hanging by loose ends. Thank you for all your emails.
A few years back i made the mistake of purchasing Harvest Moon. What a pile O' Crap. I've even misplaced it. I didn't even want to think about it. The character was stiff and it didn't even intice me to play past the first half an hour of turning the power on. I still can't even remember what it was all about. Who cares.
A few months back i made the mistake of purchasing Harvest Moon DS. What a pile O' Crap. Why did I repeat the same grave mistake again? Because i'm an idiot. That and the fact that i wanted to setup a farm, get hitched and raise cows...and maybe some chickens. By the time i finished watching the intro with all those gnomes or oompas or munchkins or whatever you call those elfish creatures being transported into some alternate dimension, i was so sick to my stomach. I didn't have enough tums to go much farther into the game. The characters looked retarded. The whole thing was all stiff and amateurish-looking. The typical Natsume sorta feel. Once i got to the play mode part i barely had any enthusiasm to play much longer. My character felt like a man trying to walk after taking a bath in starch. I had a dog with me and when an old man came at me giving me shit i let my dog bite him and the game was over. I think that if the flow was as smooth as Animal Crossing, the game would feel much more real and fun.
Totally pass on this hideous mess.
Speaking of Animal Crossing, that game is so messed up. Is it just me? Or does everybody who plays that game get stuck in it, never to come out? The game is like crack and everytime you play you want more. AC is by far the best damn game i've played on the DS. It's fun, it's smooth, even some of the repeated lines don't bother me. How many of you are like me and want to kick the insurance policy out of Lyle? No Lyle, i don't want what you're selling. Three Grand up front and if by chance i get into an accident you give me 100 bells? If i get stung by bees, i'll shake a tree and find more bells than you can throw at me. Because i don't want to buy his insurance or whatever the hell he's selling, he follows me around. I wish Copper was selling restraining orders. I messed up once and talked to his rabid ass and i got stuck having to buy 3000 bells worth of insurance. I didn't want it but because i had over 3000 in my pockets, he didn't give me a choice to walk away. Do yourselves a favour and save your bells in your account. Make sure you don't have 3000 or more with you just in case you accidentally talk to that scam, Lyle. He also annoys me by saying "BAM" all the time.
Anyway, until next time.

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