Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2

Skippin down and continuing along pile o' crap video games road, i stop and smell the flowers and come across our next disaster, Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2.

Now i'm a die hard Dragonball Z fan. Well, i don't go out and and eat a wad of burgers and paint myself pink in order to purposely look like Majin Buu. But in my own little Dragon Ball Z world, i consider myself a hardcore fan.

I wish there was a DBZ game that truly caught the feel of the cartoon series. Unfortunately this particular version caught my hands wiping the tears away from my eyeballs. To be blunt, this game sucks! With a capital X.

The game would have been fun if the combat wasn't so damn easy. I love how all the enemies are in the game but every single enemy is just so easy to beat. There's no excitement to it. The script blows chunks more than a badger does after each of it's meals. There are grammamaticalla...gramma..gr...grammatical errors throughout the game. I like the art in the game and the fighting is actually nice N smooth. The weapons are pretty enjoyable. If only more time was spent fine tuning this game i'd probably sleep with it under my pillow case, but sadly, i'm not even sure i remember where i put the cart.

If you're a DBZ fan and want this game as part of your collection, then i advise you to purchase it, but keep it sealed up in it's original package. Otherwise if you're just lookin for a good game to play......don't buy this horse crap.