Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nintendo no longer supports or makes the WFC USB connector

While surfing Nintendo's site I was surprised to find that Nintendo has discontinued their WFC USB connector. Seems like quite a short product cycle. A speculator might conclude it has something to do with Nintendo's plans for WII-DS connectivity this coming year.

It doesn't mean the USB connector will no longer work but that Nintendo won't be updating their WFC USB connector application software or hardware nor will they be providing help to consumers trying to connect it.

Last night I grabbed the final application installer Nintendo is going to release and I've provided a mirror right here.

Nintendo is asking consumers to use a standard wifi router instead which may or not be a problem for some. I don't think I remember seeing any wifi routers that cost the same as the $14.99 connector but I could be wrong. My best advice would be eBay if you need to upgrade.

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