Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ten Rare Gamecube Discs

The Gamecube is dead, long live the Gamecube! But this is a golden opportunity to pick up cheap 'Cube titles to play on your brand new shiny Wii.

There are lots of great titles to play and when you're talking about Metroid or Mario Kart: Double Dash you're not going to have too hard of a time finding a copy on the used racks.

But there is a group of games that collectors are looking for to complete their 'Cube collections. These are rarities that you're going to pay through the nose for unless you get lucky at a garage sale or junk shop. If you spot any of these titles at a bargain basement price, snap 'em up without even thinking! Even if you don't like 'em you'll be able to flip 'em on eBay without any problems.

1. Ikaruga. The grand-daddy of sought after GCN tites. I was lucky and scored this off of eBay for around $25 but I recently saw it in a retro gaming store for over $80 unsealed. It's a valuable title and one of the most beautiful SHMUPS out there. Very difficult to find and even harder to master.
2. Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest. A sealed copy will net a Benjamin. Unsealed you're still looking at 50 to 60 bones. Strange title where you have to evolve your Cubivore through mutations and mating to be able to defeat the killer Cubivore. Earning mixed reviews on release, Cubivore has since become a cult classic.
3. Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde. One of the few RTS's for the 'Cube. Very limited run on this disc.
4. Wavebird Controller. You might get lucky and find one brand new at Best Buy or someplace like that. If so, buy as many as you can. An amazing controller that's going fast because people like me are racing to complete a set of four.
5. Mario DDR. I've never seen this one for sale used. I'm gathering it's rare from the Internet chatter about it. The first party dance mat is probably rarer still. Luckly, I bought the set at launch.
6. Beyond Good and Evil. Pops up from time to time but those times are becoming increasingly rare. People know about this one and they want it. You'll have to be fast or have deep pockets.
7. Skies of Arcadia Legends. Still trying to find this one for a reasonable price for my own collection. Last I saw it it was over $50. RPGs were rare on the GCN and good RPGs were rarer than that. This is a great RPG. Good luck finding this one.
8. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. Never played it. Never even seen it IRL. Love to get my hands on it. I'll probably find it in a lot or something like that. The longer I wait, the more I'll probably pay. Right now $35 fora used copy is probably where it's sitting. The limited edition would fetch $50 plus.
9. Doshin the Giant. From what I read this game probably wasn't all that great to begin with but its rarity has caused its price to skyrocket. For completists and collectors only for the price you'd have to shell out to own it.
10. NCAA Baseketball 2K3. Most likely the rarest Gamecube disc out there not counting demos, promos, or Japan-only releases. I recently spotted the disc on eBay--no case, no cover, no manual--for $70. From what I understand, only a few thousand were ever sold. I have a sick feeling I actually found this once in the dollar bin in a used record store but passed on it. I had no idea about this title being so rare. Live and learn.

If you find any of these rare discs I'd advise you to buy them while you can. If you can't find them I guess you can always cross your fingers and hope for a Virtual Console release.

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