Thursday, January 3, 2008

Episode 4 of The AC "Trouble in The Hood"

"From Pigeon Milk You Will Find Coffee. From Ashes You Will Find A New Friend" ~~ Rev

Last time on the Hood.....

Some of the townsfolk from The Hood continue to speak about Suri from the town of Peachee. Mitzi on the other hand mentioned Biff from the town of Juniper as being some sort of a posh style person. But Rev just shrugs these comments off.
New Years, came to the town of The Hood and Mitzi in her own words not realizing what came over her thanked Rev for being such a good friend this past year. This was followed up by hearts floating awckwardly from her head.
But problems continue for Rev as Mitzi approached him today and asked if a certain item belonged to him. Rev, being greedy exclaimed "Yes it's Mine." To his surprise Mitzi found a name "Opal" written onto it and she berated (sp) Rev for this. She asked Rev why he would lie to her and said that Rev's untruthfulness creeped her out. She then stormed off.
Confused, Rev panicked and so continued planting flowers. As he planted his final "Sun Cosmos", he was given support from the unlikeliest of sources, "The Star". Because Rev spoke to The Star the night mailed Rev a green pantry. How did The Star know that Mitzi was a die hard green furniture collector? How did The Star know that if Rev gave Mitzi the green pantry, Rev would be in her good books? Whatever the reason, Rev went with this plan and Mitzi was so Happy that she almost kissed Rev.
But as it is in The Hood, Rev's joy would soon turn to question. Later in the day Mitzi approached Rev and asked him what he thinks about Her and Bill the duck's friendship. Rev told her that Mitzi and Bill seem almost like best friends. Mitzi then smiled and said that's right. She said there are problems but the relationship could be more. At this point Rev was thinking that if he had the golden shovel he would surely jab himself with it until it would hurt.
Lies and deceit continue to dominate The Hood. Just a few days ago Chief told Rev that he is a "The Hood" boy through and through. That is until Rev caught him in the act of packing up his furniture and getting ready to run. Embaressed and sweat dripping down his head Chief explained to Rev that he's going to a better place. This did not go over well with Rev. Especially after Mitzi and himself were the only two people who showed up to Chief's sad sack of a birthday party with Chief proclaining how happy he is about the turnout. Rev even gave Chief his Reggae shirt which was by far Rev's favourite shirt. Chief always had a grumpy demeanor but Rev didn't mind, until now. When Chief totally put down the town of The Hood, Rev snapped and when Chief asked Rev if he wants him to stay...Rev replied "Get your ass out of my town! Go to Peachee if you like it so bad!" and with sweat pouring off of Chief's head he snarled "I'm outta here. Good Luck Kid." Rev later on finds a note in a mailbox from Chief saying "I'm finally FREE!"

I hope a football fish swallows you Chief....meh

Bree the mouse is collecting furniture. She told Rev that she is collecting white. But said that she cannot divulge to him at the moment what the theme is. It's a secret. Bree then got into a steamy fight wih pango. Bree called Pango "Yeti Legs". Pango then yelled back that Bree has teacake legs and wants to eat them.
Rev realizes that his best friend Bill the duck is putting the moves onto Mitzi he also noticed one evening that Bill came from the direction of Bree's house whistling. Rev then caught upto Bree and found her whistling. As Bill the duck seems to be taking over as the town's ladies man..Is Rev becoming more paranoid? Will Bill's advances toward Mitzi put the two best buds at odds?

Tune in next time for Episode 5 of The Hood

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