Monday, March 2, 2009

Vanilla's Retro Reset (Front Line)

Think back to 1985 when games were games and gamers were gamers. In the midst of the 1942's and Ten Yard Fights came a game by Taito, which became the trailblazer, the grand daddy, the predecessor to such games as Ikari Warriors and i think it's safe to say to games like Call Of Duty or even to another old classic Commando.

Front Line.

The graphics weren't much to write home about. But i actually thought it was cute and funny. You're basically a soldier moving up the screen shooting enemies. There were old school looking tanks that you could dive into and drive around in. I don't remember the game having a background tune. The toughest part of this game were the stray bullets you might have missed, only to see them last minute, hitting you in the gut or crotch.
Many of you might call this game.....crap. But personally i would slap this game on a top 20 fave games of all time list. If i had one. What i'd give to toss another Front Line grenade again.


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