Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Big Planet REVIEW


OMG! This is like the cutest game to ever hit my sleek and shiny PS3. *hair flip* Actually, it’s the first game to ever enter its holy body of a gaming machine. Haha, it’s totally like that time I lost my virginity, NOT. I’m totally not like Sarah. Don’t tell her I said that.

Anyway, this game has the super cutest graphics ever and you can totally meet some hotties online, sometimes they’re like 13, but you can totally cougar it up. You go girl! You can even talk to them if you’ve got a Bluetooth set. You can also play online with others from the LBP community and together like totally kick butt on levels with multi-player stages. The stages are challenging. I mean there were times where I was thinking so hard I thought my brain was going to hurt. OMG! I totally forgot. You can totally customize your characters to suit your fashion sense. I made mine look like Lindsay Lohan, but it sucks cause I couldn’t get mine to diet and get skinnier like her. But whatever, at least it doesn’t look like that town bike Paris Hilton. What a hoe bag. Anyway, point is, this game rocks. It totally has some great replay value, you can like, play it again and again and again and...yeah. It is definitely a keeper and not a renter. The fact that you can totally customize your characters depending on the fashion season is a HUGE bonus and the multitude of levels created by the LPB community means you’ll never run out of places to explore. There was like, this one level, where this person totally made this calculator. I still don’t know how to do math, but it’s cool that they did that. Just don’t tell my b/f I said that, he’ll totally think that like, I’m dumb or something.

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