Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Topps Nintendo Game Pack

Back in the day when it truly was the best time to be alive for gamer. Back when there was something truly magical about video games, came Topps Nintendo scratch cards.

I remember rushing down to Salvages, beside Min A Mart on York and Queen, to buy a cream horn and wagon wheels and pick up a pack or two or three or four Nintendo Game Packs. All you Magic nerds have no idea what it was like ripping open the wax packaging on these cards. I should know cause i used to buy those damn "Magic the Gathering cards" (original prints).

These scratch packs contained three scratch cards and two stickers (if you havn't read the package on the photo yet).
The scratch cards consisted of,  beautiful pictures depicting games such as Mario and Mario2, Double Dragon, Zelda, I remember Punch Out was in there as well.  On the pictures you would find a bunch of circles. You would have to scratch off certain ones to reveal very bad or good things. It was basically a simple little game on cards. If that makes any sense. Problem with us kids was that we would scratch the hell out of all of the circles on each card.

The stickers would say things such as "Mario Madness" or "Hit Me With Your Best Score". Simple slogans for simple times. 
On the back was a detective who would provide you with a secret Nintendo tip.
I used to have so many of these cards. I wish i still had them even though i scratched the hell out of them.

Vanilla Assassin

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