Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Sims 3

Originally posted Thursday February 5th 2009

Once upon a time i used to be a huge Sim City fan. I followed the craze into the Sim City 2000 era. BUT, what i did was hop off of the Sim type games ship when, "The Sims" became the in -thing. Somehow i wasn't excited over stacking human bodies on top of each other to create "R Tops".
What i did end up doing was jumping into the whole Animal Crossing culture instead.

This year i have vowed to give The Sims a try. Word in the arcade is that The Sims 3 is arriving on shelves June 2009 for the PC and later in the summer for everything else, including iphones and Macs.

Start scrounging your clams together for this purchase. We all know it'll be a blockbuster of the summer. Just pray they don't empty your pockets by offering us expansion packs.

Vanilla Assassin

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