Saturday, February 21, 2009

Air Traffic Chaos

Originally posted  Wednesday February 4th 2009

Wowchah! I havn't been this messed in the head since being Tetrisized back in the day, and i mean WAYYY back in the day when i slept on the sidewalks of Moscow and played Tetris against an old grizzled Soviet...i mean University studen...errr i mean Communist. We played on a trench of mud they called a sidewalk and used pebbles and discarded cigarette butts and spit. You know, all that fun Communist equipment.
Anyway, the other day i picked up Air Traffic Chaos for the DS. Wow, talkin bout head trips. I played this cart all afternoon, all night and while i lay on my back in bed with a goose feather pillow below my head, i kept thinking about which runway is the safest to give planes the all clear to. I kept waking up in cold sweats watching two air liners crash above Tokyo Airport. I KEEP SEEYING DEPARTURE TIMES AND ARRIVALS IN THE THEATRE OF MY MIND!!!
Guide the planes to the proper gates and to the skies safely within an allotted time and you become a Novice, then an expert. Do well and the anime girls will swoon over you, screw up and they turn on you. This game is great. Your basically multitasking, watching an airport from your tower. Constantly following planes in the sky and on the ground. Don't let the sky or the runway fill up with too many planes or you'll have a crash on your hands.
If you want a game to pass time with i would totally recommend buying this highly addictive game if the price is right. I bought it for 24.00 Canadian and it's become one of my faves.

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