Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little League World Series Baseball

Originally posted Monday February 9th 2009.

Everyone knows Baseball is a geek's sport. Which is why i think the sport slightly appeals to me. Not that i'm a full blown geek, but i do like geeks. Now i've never played a Major League baseball game that i thoroughly enjoyed. But the carts which i did enjoy thoroughly playing were, Bad News Baeball but better yet, Little League(for the NES). Little League was a ball of fun cloaked in seriousness. I spent many a nights trying to load up the bases and knock homers against the Sandman and the Wii Man and Jimmy.
Recently i chanced upon a game for the Wii called Little League World Series 2008 by Activision. Now it's not what i hoped it would be, but it is fun. The characters are cute. The graphics are good. The fun factor is there and there are girls playing alongside boys. By doing well in the game you can receive power ups that'll help you toss a perfect pitch or a swing a perfect hit. When you pop a ball into the air, a fielder automatically runs for it and if he catches it then you swing your Wii remote towards the base you want to toss the ball to. To run faster you jiggle the remote, FAST-ly.
There's also a tournament you can enter and you can also edit the name of your #1 player to whatever name you like.
This game isn't for the serious tobaccy chewin baseball brute out there. But if you want some feel good, old fashioned baseball fun then give it a shot.

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