Saturday, February 21, 2009

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Originally posted Thursday January 29, 2009.

For those of you who own a Nintendo Wii and still havn't bought AC:CF and those of you who have purchased AC:CF but havn't purchased a Wii, go out and make your purchase NOW.

I mean, what is there to do in real life? Work? Eat?School? Get yelled at by people? Spend your hard earned money on things that don't leave you happy? Waste time going on a date and then find excuses to back out of the second date? Watch wars on CNN? Listen to broken political promises? Purchase a tombstone and then you die.

I have a better idea. Leave all that behind and build yourself a town in Animal Crossing: City Folk.
There you can be friends with animals. You can purchase a cozy upgradable home on the beach front or beside a stream or a pond. Forget email when you can receive snail mail from your crazy cute neighbors. Want to build a snowman? Go ahead.

BUT BUT i can't leave the world behind because i'll miss halloween!
No worries, spend Halloween in your town.

You like flea markets? Fear not, instead of the filthy, scuzzy flea markets in the real world, you can participate in a clean flea market in your town and you won't have to take a shower once you go home.

Want to go to the city? Just hop on the bus and take a trip over. Go to the theatre, get your hair done, drop your coin at an over priced boutique. Feel like a coffee? Well, forget Starbucks when you can visit the coffee shop in your town. I bet you never had coffee with pigeon milk.

What else....hmmm...go fishing, catch fireflies and butterflies, dig for fossils. This game is pure gold and full of rad things to do. I wish i had enough space to list them all.

If you liked the previous incarnations of this game for the Cube and DS, you'll love this one. Grab a pair of diapers, attach an IV to your arm and you're all set to leave the real world behind.

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