Saturday, June 25, 2022

Session 6 Recap June 18

Romulus tossed his tusk spear to Vanilla Assassin to fight the wraiths.  The door then slammed shut.  This week we start with Vanilla in the dining room hearing a knocking at the door; it’s Romulus in the hallway!  They try to open the door but it’s stuck.  The door can’t be locked because Vanilla sees that the door is moving.  Vanilla Assassin pries it open with the tusk spear.  Vanilla passes the tusk spear back to Romulus.  Vanilla tells Romulus that he’s Vanilla now. Vanilla doesn’t tell Romulus what happened behind the closed door.  They’re in the hallway.  They move Luna to a sitting position so that they can move past her in the narrow hallway.  The north door is emanating a disgusting smell; they hear noises coming from the east door.  Romulus decides to try the north door.  Vanilla moves into the hallway.  Romulus leads the way.  Romulus steps in front of the door and hears a click followed by a ticking.  He tries opening the door but it’s not opening.  A trap opens beneath Romulus but he avoids it with a saving roll.  There’s a spike covered with slime in a pit under the floor tile.  He jumps back and the trap resets.  Romulus and Vanilla decide to try the east door.  Vanilla pushes the door open!  They look inside the room.  Vanilla moves into the dark room and sees a dim outline in the ambient light from the hallway.  It's a giant mass; about ten feet high.  There are two toad wraiths in the room.  The blob is pulsing as if it were breathing.  It’s smooth.  Romulus speculates it’s a giant toad and comes into the room with his lantern.  They see a Toad Behemoth!  There are four pillars in the room.  The wraiths are serving the platters of flies and slime to the Toad Behemoth.  He’s being fed but notices the party and says “Who’s there?!”  The party debates whether to answer or go get something to offer to the Behemoth.  It’s been so long since I’ve had anyone to talk to.  He’s wants the party to answer his riddles.  What can fill a room but take up no space.  Vanilla thinks “a demon.”  Romulus says “air.”  The Behemoth was thinking of “light” but the Toad acknowledges air is a valid answer.  What goes through cities and fields but doesn’t move?  Romulus says roadways and it was right!  The Toad calls the adventurers wise.  He’s impressed.  The Toad offers secrets about the shrine:  “There’s a trap in front of the door in the hallway. Also, have you rung the bell in the first room?”  He says if he doesn’t eat once an hour he’ll go on a violent rampage.  Romulus thanks the toad.  Vanilla asks how to ring the bell.  But the Toad won’t answer any more questions.  They decided to look around the room.  They check the south wall carefully using their lantern. They inspect it closely.  It looks like the rest of the wall but they see an outline on the wall near the south east pillar.  They ask about writing on the door.  The mortar looks different within the outline.  Vanilla wants to shoulder block the wall but Romulus is slightly stronger so he decides to try.  He gives the lantern to Vanilla and then runs at the door.  It barely moves.  He risks a shoulder injury but tries again.  The door is open now and Romulus didn’t sustain any shoulder damage.  Romulus wants to go back but Vanilla goes forward into the hallway.  He sees a door at the end of the hallway and runs toward it.  There is another trap in front of the door.  A pit trap is triggered but Vanilla avoids it by holding onto the walls on either side of the trap.  The trap resets.  They search their inventory for a solution.  Romulus triggers the trap with the tusk spear.  Vanilla suddenly runs back to the room with the Behemoth.  Romulus pushes down on the trap with the spear and triggers the trap.  It’s open.  There’s a pit 3 feet down.  He lets himself down into the pit carefully avoiding the slime covered spike.  He's now in the pit but can reach the door knob; it’s three feet above his waist.  The spear is wedged in the trap keeping it open. 

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