Monday, June 13, 2022

Session 5 Recap Saturday June 10, 2022

Romulus saw that Cutie Pie was in trouble and from the hallway he tossed his tusk spear into the room where Cutie Pie caught it. 

Cutie Pie hit the toad wraith with the spear on the neck and stunned him.  The wraith was unable to counterattack.  Then Cutie Pie swung down on the toad’s head and split his body in two releasing the wraith.

The other wraiths are still occupied with their gruesome task.  They’re not interested in losing their toad hosts like their friend did.  It’s an onerous task to find a new one and their task is more important than fighting; besides as long as the party isn’t trying to stop them or steal the platters of food there is no reason to attack.

Cutie Pie asks about how the room is lit.  There are 3 candles along the length of the table in individual candle holders.  He takes a candle and holds it up to view the room. Again, the wraiths take no notice and apparently don’t mind the loss of focussed illumination. Cutie Pie sees a painting hanging on the west wall of the room.  He examines it and can’t make out what the artwork represents since it’s caked in grime, grease, and smoke.  He takes the painting off the wall, sees that there is clean section of wall behind the painting, and, finding nothing, puts it back onto the wall.  Looking east towards the door he examines the table and sees a glint of reflected candlelight.  He approaches the table and digs in the filth and ooze to uncover a platter that isn’t rusted like the others.  He wipes it clean on his cloak and realizes he found a silver platter.  He continues along the table and finds 3 more silver platters in the same way.  The wraiths aren’t interested in the silver platters apparently; they’re not grimy enough.  They’re only preparing meals on the most rusted platters.

Cutie Pie hears a knocking at the door.  (It’s Romulus).  The door was slammed shut while Cutie Pie was battling the toad wraith and after he threw the tusk spear into the room.  Apparently, as is his way, Cutie Pie forgot about the rest of the party while he was exploring the room.  While he was there Romulus was trying to get back into the room to help but the door wouldn’t open from the outside!  Will Cutie Pie tell the party about his find? 

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