Monday, May 2, 2022

 April 23 RPG Session 1 Recap

Cutie Pie and Luna are at the Moldy Unicorn.  Romulus went missing from the bar!  They’re not sure if he went on ahead or if he went back home to get something or he just got went home and passed out.  They went back to Grint to see if he might come with him but they were unable to talk him into it.  Grint reminded him of his cut and seemed to be more interested in his drinks than adventuring.  Cutie Pie and Luna decide to press on in case Romulus is up ahead; besides he might catch up with them since he did see the map to the shrine.

The Party made it to the north wall of White Feather and went through an unmanned and little used gate into the woods where they found a pathway.  Before they took a step onto the path, Grint ran up—out of breath—and gave Cutie Pie a note.  He said it was a message he found scrawled in a margin of a book on the Shrine.  Cutie Pie, Grint, and Luna couldn’t read the runes since it’s an ancient and long dead language.

The two set out, lantern extinguished so as not to attract any unwanted attention.  A few miles of feeling around in the dark, Cutie Pie and Luna find a bridge with the middle planks missing.  There was a two inch railing on either side of the bridge still intact. The bridge was over very fast and rocky rapids.

Luna tried to find another way across but gave up after sinking into the mud.

Despite the gap in the bridge appearing to be too far to jump, Cutie Pie takes a running leap and ends up hanging from the far side by his fingertips.  Luna, decides to try and walk across the railing as carefully as she can and makes it to the other side where she pulls Cutie Pie up.  No one thought to check the woods for a log or branches to try and repair the bridge but nevertheless they made it and are feeling confident.  Still no sign of Romulus but the sun will be up in a few hours.

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